In-line Professional Packaging Machine

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Looking for a great in line professional packaging machine?  Finally, professional packaging machines have embraced automation to bring speed and efficiency to the best packaging solution around. These new in line professional packaging machines are revolutionizing the packaging process. Manufacturers are experiencing increased production combined with more consistent packaging.  Automation with vacuum packaging delivers superior product protection that reduces labor costs and saves money.

Below we introduce our in-line conveyor type vacuum packaging machine. If you interested in adding automation, then contact us today. If you want to know more about our automatic in line conveyor type packaging machine read the detailed information below.

In line Conveyor Type Packaging Machine

Our in line professional packaging machine will be the perfect addition to your packaging facility. Our in line conveyor type packaging machine provides key automation placing the products in bags for the vacuum and sealing process. You simply line up the open end of the bags to the seal bar end of the conveyor. The conveyor moves the products to the vacuuming area underneath the chamber lid. The chamber lid then shifts itself down to the conveyor surface. Vacuuming and sealing cycle starts automatically. When done, the chamber lid shifts up and the finished product is discharged at the other end. It is that simple. No more manpower for placement into the chamber and pick up the products!

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Vacuum Packaging Machine Types and Features

Along with our newest automated in-line vacuum packaging systems, we offer a large selection of other types of food vacuum sealers. Click the links to review the features of each.

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