Fully Automated Vacuum Packaging Machines that will Transform Manufacturing and Production

AMAC is excited and proud to introduce new inline vacuum packaging machines to the U.S. These machines have never been seen before in the United States and will revolutionize the way your manufacturing team packages products. Vacuum sealing has been around for decades and is most effective for:

  • increasing shelf life
  • protecting products
  • reducing package size
  • saving retail, shipping, and inventory space

Now, finally the ultimate improvement — fully automated processing! Read about our two newest products below, or you can see them in action if you visit us at booth #916 at the 2019 ProFood Tech Show on March 26th-28th, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois.


Fully Automated Vacuum Packaging Machine

AIV-2000 series machines are for large block of cheese, large piece of meat, whole fish, shellfish, chicken and any large item requiring vacuum packaging. The system is of stainless-steel construction to meet the food processing environment. It takes C-fold film, 8” up to 20” of various substrate including shrinkable co-extrusion. The system is very flexible to process various sizes without the need of forming mold such as thermoforming. The sensor will detect piece-by-piece size variation and instantly form a bag for vacuum sealing each product.


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The machine is made up of two rotary stations. At the first rotary, suction sups pick up bags from a stack, open the bag and place it under the product shoot. The product comes to the edge of a conveyor and drop into the shoot. The rotary turns and the loaded bags meet the second rotary ‘s bag pick up mechanism. The bag is transferred to a vacuum box of the second rotary and held on to the seal bar. The second rotary turns and the lid of the vacuum box closes. Vacuum and sealing take place. The finished bag is discharged as the lid opens.

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