High-Tech Industrial Vacuum Packaging

AMAC stays at the forefront of durable industrial vacuum packaging solutions. As an industry leader, AMAC offers specialized models of industrial vacuum packaging machines for a wide variety of industrial packaging material needs including those of the medical devices, aviation components, and automobile parts.

A reliable industrial vacuum sealer enables quick yet efficient vacuum packaging of medical products, such as disposable equipment, safely within a clean room environment for sanitary and bacteria-free delivery to hospitals and doctors alike. Likewise, our high-tech vacuum packaging offers aviation and automobile industrial manufacturers convenient storage and handling of delicate parts and components. Our programmable control panel allows storage of your products parameters setting for consistent packed result and seal quality.

Regardless of your industry, we can offer you the right industrial vacuum packaging machine for quick, vacuum sealing.

Electronic Vacuum Packaging
Tabletop Industrial Packaging

AMAC’s tabletop vacuum chambered machines are perfect for your smaller items. The compactness of our high output table top machines to fit existing table or space within your facility optimizes flexibility without sacrificing packaging quality.

You’ll also discover that our tabletop equipment is simple to clean, operate and maintain. Every AMAC tabletop machine has a clear chamber lid allowing your operator to inspect each item during the vacuum packaging process.

Electronic Vacuum Packaging
Mobile Industrial Packaging

Mobile machines higher capacity allows you to package larger items or more items in one cycle than our table tops. Mobile units offer convenient user height for ideal ergonomics without requiring a table or stand. Our mobile packaging equipment also has floor casters for cleaning ease or moving to another production area.

Vacuum packaging industrial products protect them from electrostatic discharge (ESD) while also being protected from oxygen.

Electronic Vacuum Packaging
Double Chamber Industrial Packaging

Our double chamber machines increase your productivity of sealing your medical or industrial products. dramatically increasing your sealing. During the sealing process cycle, in the first chamber, the operator can be loading or unloading the second chamber. Some medical device manufacturers, as well as other industries, may utilize two operators with our dual chamber vacuum sealers to optimize production.

Designed for durability and long-term high output, our double chamber industrial packaging machines are simple to service, clean and operate.

ESD Vacuum Packaging Machines
Nozzle Vacuum Sealer Machines

We specialize in professional nozzle vacuum sealer machines. AMAC optimum quality vacuum sealing machines are a flexible answer to the packaging concerns of industrial companies.

Our nozzle vacuum sealers merge productivity with economy to provide the perfect industrial packaging solution to address any packaging situation.

This is an economical, high quality solution to the packaging needs of many industries including medical, electronic, produce and specialty industries.

Industrial Packaing Machines for your Business

  • AMAC units are built from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and years of service.
  • Our rigorously tested features and options address your unique industrial sealing needs.
  • Barcode printing options or data collection and analytics available.
  • Our easy step-by-step guide and our support staff gets you up and running quickly.

Vacuum Sealers Protect Valuable Industrial Products

  • Medical devices are protected from bacteria during transportation and storage.
  • Dental supplies are safeguarded from contamination and germs.
  • Fragile aircraft components are prevented from bending or breaking.
  • Automotive parts are prevented from being damaged in handling or shipping.
Vacuum packaging protects automotive components.
Delicate aircraft parts protected by vacuum packaging
AMAC packaging equipment protects industrial products
Medical devices protected from bacteria and contamination
AMAC vacuum packaging machines for cleanroom use.