AMAC is a resourceful company dedicated to offer Packaging Solutions

For Pre-made Pouch filling applications, AMAC has a line of Rotary Filling Machines with up to 100 ppm outputs.

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Rotary Filler (Medium Speed)

If your products require Vacuum Packaging, AMAC’s answer is Twin Rotary Filling and Vacuum Sealing Machines.

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Rotary Vacuum Pouch Filling Machine (Medium Speed)

For product loading and feeding, AMAC has an endless variety of custom engineered loading conveyor machines, coupled with AUTOMATIC FEED SYSTEMS.

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Vertical FFS (Medium Speed)

If you need higher production output, Horizontal or Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines may be the answer. These are Fully Automatic Machines with a single roll of film up to 1200 mm (47”) at the start with some of the multiple lane models reaching 500 ppm speeds.

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Typical Horizontal FFS machine for food packing with wash-downs.

Horizontal FFS (High Speed)

Vertical FFS Machines for viscous products such as ketchup, mustard, cheese spread etc.

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Vertical FFS (High Speed)

AMAC’s Thermoforming Machines are robust, yet very affordable. Very short lead time for multi-cavity molds.

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Thermoforming Machine (Medium Speed)

Multipack Wrapping Systems

Integrated multipack wrapping system complete with in-line corrugated cardboard feeder, transverse product feeding and grouping system and fully servo driven horizontal wrapper.

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integrated multipack wrapping machine

Fully automatic flow wrapper machines with shrink finish or vacuum pack for large cuts meat,  cheese blocks etc. – up to 40 lbs. and 15 ppm output.

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automated flow wrapper machines

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