What is The Difference Between Nozzle and Chamber Sealers?

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Both Nozzle and chamber vacuum sealers are great packaging options for items like food, medical tools, electronics, and a variety of other consumer goods, but what is the difference between nozzle and chamber sealers? Nozzle and Chamber sealers both use vacuum seal technology to remove oxygen and pack products into durable bags and laminates, with an airtight seal. The difference between the two machines lies in how the process and packages your products. Depending on what your packaging needs are, one packaging system may be preferred over the other. So what are some of the key differences between nozzle and chamber sealers?

Processing Difference Between Nozzle and Chamber Sealers:

  • Nozzle Vacuum Sealing Process –  The biggest difference between these two machines lies in the packaging process. Nozzle vacuum sealers work by interesting a nozzle into your package, locking the sealing jaws across the top and bottom of the bag, and then vacuuming air out. This allows for specific attention to each package and added control while vacuuming air out.
  • Chamber Vacuum Sealing Process – Chamber vacuum sealers use pressure to evacuate  excess air out of the chamber, instead of using a nozzle to suck excess oxygen out. You simply place your package into the chamber, shut the lid, and the vacuum sealing cycle automatically processes. This allows for steady and consistent pressure inside and outside of the packaging, and as there is no suction it is ideal for packaging liquids.
  • Ideal Packaging For – Both of these packaging systems can be used for food, medical tools, electronics, and more. Nozzle cleaning systems are great if you are looking for smaller footprint machinery, or table top systems to individually package pouches. Chamber sealers can accommodate high production facilities very well, as they are fully automated, large packaging systems, with multiple sealing bars to package multiple pouches at once. 

Want to Learn More About The Difference Between Nozzle and Chamber Sealers?

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