Nozzle Vacuum Machine VS Chamber Vacuum Machine

Posted by Joe Mancuso

If you are looking for manufacturing equipment to pack and seal your products such as food, tools, medical supplies, electronics, or other consumer goods, you should understand the differences between  a nozzle vacuum machine vs chamber vacuum machine. AMAC Technologies provides top of the line manufacturing equipment including nozzle vacuum machines and chamber vacuum machines, but you should understand the technical differences to decide which type of machine is best for your specific needs.

Differences Nozzle Vacuum Machine VS Chamber Vacuum Machine  

  • Utility Requirement – Chamber vacuum machines are fully electric, where nozzle vacuum machines use both electricity and compressed air to pack and seal items. 
  • Production Efficiency – Chamber vacuum machines have 2-3 seal bars allowing them to process multiple items at one time. Nozzle Vacuum Machines have one seal bar for individually packaging package by package. 
  • Chamber Vacuum Machine Operating Procedure – Chamber vacuum machines work by first placing the bagged item inside the chamber, closing the chamber lid to activate, and then the machine automatically completes the cycle by using pressure to push the air from the package and heat seal the edges shut.  
  • Nozzle Vacuum Machine Operating Process – Nozzle vacuum sealers work by first inserting the nozzle into the package being sealed and carefully placing the packages between the seal jaws. The operator then presses the foot pedal which closes the seal jaws to hold the bag and nozzle in place. Finally the nozzle begins to vacuum out excess air and the cycle will complete automatically. The operator will then remove the nozzle from the sealed package. 

Want to Know More about Nozzle Vacuum Machine VS Chamber Vacuum Machines?

If you need help deciding between nozzle and chamber vacuum machines for your packaging needs, contact AMAC Technologies here. AMAC Technologies and their team of vacuum packaging specialists have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best packaging equipment for your needs. Contact us today to get started!