Continuous Belt Packaging & Rotary Machines for Food Manufacturers

Posted by AMAC

Continuous belt and rotary packaging machines are the perfect solutions for food manufacturers looking to increase productivity without a large investment. Continuous belt packaging machines allow one user to package multiple products more quickly than regular packaging machines. Below we examine our types of continuous belt and rotary vacuum packaging machines. 

Benefits of Continuous Belt & Rotary Packaging Machines  

  • High Volume Production – Both types of machines dramatically increase the number of products that can be packaged by one employee. These machines can be used in many different production processes. 
  • Increased Efficiency – Limits the repetitive motion that wastes time allowing one worker to package more products at a faster rate of speed.
  • ConsistencyMachine processing can provide a level of consistency in product packaging that a human cannot.

AIV-2000 Series Automatic In-Line Vacuum Packaging System for Large Items

AIV-2000 is a revolutionary automatic in-line vacuum packaging system.  It combines the function of in-line vacuum wrapper forming, auto-loading, vacuum processing and sealing.  The product will be handled automatically throughout the system.  No more manual opening and stuffing the bags, placing the bagged product into a chamber, taking the product out of the chamber, etc.  Not only eliminating the labor, the running cost is further reduced substantially by using a roll of film compared to buying the pre-made, size specific bags.

RV-360 Fully Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

The RV-360 machine is made up of two rotary stations.  At the first rotary, suction cups pick up bags from a stack, open the bags and place them under the product shoot. The product comes to the edge of a conveyor and drops into the shoot. The rotary turns and the loaded bags meet the second rotary’s bag pick-up mechanism. The bag is transferred to a vacuum box of the second rotary and held on to the seal bar. The second rotary turns and the lid of the vacuum box closes. Vacuum and sealing take place. The finished bag is discharged as the lid opens.

Vacuum Packaging Machine Types and Features

Along with our rotary automatic in-line vacuum packaging machines, we offer a large selection of other food vacuum sealers. Click the links to review the features of each.


Considering an Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine?

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