Automatic In-line Vacuum Packaging Systems for Large Items

Posted by AMAC

Get your assembly lines ready, because automatic in-line vacuum packaging has arrived! Finally, vacuum sealing has joined with automation to bring speed and efficiency to the best packaging solution around. These new industrial vacuum sealing machines are revolutionizing the packaging process. Combining automation with vacuum packaging gives manufacturers a huge advantage. Superior product protection that saves money. Below we introduce our latest piece of machinery, our automatic in-line vacuum packaging systems for large items. If you interested in adding automation, then contact us today. If you want to know more about our automatic in-line vacuum packaging system, then get more detailed information below.

AIV-2000 Automatic In-line Vacuum Packaging Systems

AIV-2000 is a revolutionary automatic in-line vacuum packaging system.  It combines the function of in-line vacuum wrapper forming, auto-loading, vacuum processing and sealing.  The product will be handled completely automatically throughout the system.  No more manual opening and stuffing the bags, placing the bagged product into a chamber, taking the product out of the chamber, etc.  No human hands, period!  Not only eliminating the labor, the running cost is further reduced substantially by using a roll of film compared to buying the pre-made, size specific bags.

AIV-2000 series machines are for large block of cheese, large piece of meat, whole fish, shellfish, chicken and any large item requiring vacuum packaging.  The system is of stainless-steel construction to meet the food processing environment.  It takes C-fold film, 8” up to 20” of various substrate including shrinkable co-extrusion.  The system is very flexible to process various sizes without the need of forming mold such as thermoforming.  The sensor will detect piece-by-piece size variation and instantly form a bag for vacuum sealing each product.

An optional hot water shower machine is an ideal addition to finish the package with in-line shrinking process.  Again, no more human handling like hot water tank.  Welcome to the world of AMAC automation!

Vacuum Packaging Machine Types and Features

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