Whole Chicken Packaging Machine That Doesn’t Require A Custom Mold

Posted by AMAC

For businesses that package large food items for sale and redistribution, it can be difficult to find machinery that will effectively pack and seal your products, without the use of a custom mold. However, AMAC Technologies’ line of vacuum sealing solutions includes a whole chicken packaging machine that will auto sense the size and shape of your product to create a custom package for your food items. The auto sensing, in-line technology used in the AIV-2000 allows large food items, such as whole chickens, to be automatically vacuum sealed, cutting down on the amount of time and money that is spent to effectively wrap and seal these products. Implementing the use of a packaging machine like the AIV-2000 is an investment in your business’ future that will ensure efficiency and high quality production.

Benefits Of Using Automated Vacuum Sealing and Packaging Machines:

Preventing Food Waste – Vacuum sealing your food products for shipping and redistribution extends shelf life and protects food from contaminants. This prevents waste and loss of product.
Highly Sensitive – The incredibly precise sensor of the AIV-2000, whole chicken packaging machine, will accurately sense and cut film to fit each item individually, which eliminates the need for molds or thermoforming.
Large Item Capacity – The AIV-2000 has the ability to process 8”-20” C-fold film. This means that items like cheese blocks, whole fish, and whole chickens can be processed with ease.

Looking for a Whole Chicken Packaging Machine?

If you would like to expedite your packaging process with a whole chicken packaging machine, contact AMAC Technologies today 1 877-380-6117. Make custom molds, thermoforming, and manual packaging, issues of the past with this easy to use, automated technology. AMAC Technologies stays on the cutting edge of manufacturing machinery, keeping speed, efficiency, and low production costs at the forefront of their mission. Contact us today or browse our products to find the right packaging machine for your business.