What Is A Neck Bander? How Can It Improve Your Packaging and Protect Your Products?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Have you ever wondered what is a neck bander, and how it can improve your packaging and provide your products with increased protection? Simply put, a neck bander is a piece of machinery like the ASL-300 from AMAC Technologies that can apply product neck banding which is typically used to provide tamper evident protection. A shrink neck bander and shrink labeling machine is a necessary piece of packaging equipment for a wide variety of manufacturers including those who produce products like cosmetics, bottled drinks, food products, cleaning products, nutraceuticals, OTC medications,  and many more options that require additional safety features. Shrink neck banding is very specifically great for consumables and cosmetics as it allows you to provide the aforementioned tamper evident seal that in turn protects both the consumer and the manufacturer. Utilizing machinery like the ASL-300 is a simple and affordable way to package your products while also providing your consumers with peace of mind that their products have not been opened or used. Some of the most common places where tamper evident neck banding is seen are on bottled drinks, lipsticks, sauce bottles, baby products, personal care items, and vitamins. If you think that a neck bander would be beneficial to your manufacturing and packaging needs, AMAC Technologies can help! With equipment like the ASL-300, you can prioritize safety, and efficiency, and still work affordably while providing best-in-class outcomes for your products. 

What Is A Neck Bander and What Are The Benefits?

Utilizing tamper evident neck banding is one of the best ways that manufacturers can guarantee product safety, and also cut down on product waste which saves manufacturers money in the long run. Tamper evident neck banding is used in a variety of industries including food goods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, baby products, and much more. So, what are the benefits of the ASL-300? 

  • Speed. The ASL-300 is ideal for any manufacturer, but specifically large manufacturers that value speed on their production line. The ASL-300 has speeds of up to 300 bpm, meaning that it can package up to 300 products per minute. 
  • Versatility. Not only is the ASL-300 quick and efficient, but it is versatile. The ASL-300 can seamlessly switch between different types of products without employee intervention. It can apply shrink sleeves and neck banding to cans, jars, bottles, tubes, and practically any type of container imaginable. In addition, it can also package twin or multi-pack items quickly and efficiently. 
  • Cutting Edge Design. The ASL-300 is state-of-the-art equipment, and best in class for its price point. Additionally, it works seamlessly in combination with other AMAC Technologies equipment, or existing equipment on a manufacturing line. Each piece of equipment from AMAC Technologies comes with a robust design, is built with food-grade stainless steel, and is easy to use. 

Want To Learn More About Neck Banders and How AMAC Technologies Can Help You?

Whether you’re a pharmaceuticals manufacturer looking to add additional protection to your product with neck banding, or a food manufacturer who knows that adding tamper evident banding allows your customer to have peace of mind, the ASL-300 is for you. At AMAC Technologies, we have over 30 years of experience in the packaging and manufacturing industry and we are a globally known and respected name. Under the guidance of John Yamasaki, a pioneer, and leader in the packaging and manufacturing industry, we are constantly innovating and engineering state-of-the-art and affordable equipment for packaging manufacturers. In addition, we have a dedicated sales and customer service team that is committed to working around the clock to help our customers as best as possible with their AMAC Technologies machinery. If you’re interested in working with AMAC Technologies, get in touch today!