What Are Shrink Sleeves Used For And How Do They Benefit Manufacturers?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What are shrink sleeves used for?

Shrink sleeves are an affordable and versatile labeling and packaging asset used across industries that label individual items like beverage bottles or want an easy method of packaging and labeling multi-packs of home goods like cleaning supplies or personal hygiene items like shampoo and conditioner. Shrink levees are utilized across industries including food and beverage, home goods, personal care, craft beer, wine and spirits, and countless other consumer products.  Shrink sleeves can be placed around a single item or multip items to create easy packaging for bulk packs of consumer goods. Many manufacturers also utilize shrink labels to place tamper evident neck bands on products like medication, supplements, makeup, hot sauces, beverages, and more. 

What is a shrink sleeve and how is it applied?

Shrink sleeves themselves are thermoplastic, pre-printed, tubular labels that are placed around a product or multiple products with the use of a shrink sleeve applicator. These sleeve products then move through a piece of machinery called a shrink tunnel that applies heat to the label, shrinking it down to fit and hug the form of the product. There are no adhesives involved in this labeling process and with the use of automated machinery, applying shrink labels can be fast and completely hands-free.

Why has shrink labeling become a go-to packaging method across industries?

  • Easy To Apply: Effectively applying shrink selves is so easy and fast compared to other forms of packaging and labeling for consumer goods. This process requires little to no manual intervention. With the right machinery, all you need to do is press start and your shrink sleeve labeling system will get to work applying and shrinking labels.
  • Cost-Effective: Using shrink sleeves to label and package your products is cost-effective for several reasons. First, there is no manual labor cost involved, making the process much more affordable when compared to manual packaging efforts. Secondly, the materials are more affordable. Printing shrink sleeves is more affordable than printing other types of labels that require expensive colorants, inks, papers, adhesives, and durability enhancements to make them waterproof or resistant to other damaging elements. Another major reason shrink labeling is so cost-effective is because the same equipment can be used to label and neckband a variety of different products with little to no downtime between changeovers.
  • Versatile: As previously mentioned, a manufacturing facility or brand that produces a variety of different products that require different shrink labels for each product, can use the same shrink labeling system for all of their products. Investing in one piece of machinery covers your bases for all your products. 
  • Efficient: With the use of fully automated shrink sleeve labeling machinery such as the ASL-300 from AMAC Technologies, you can label your items at a speed of 300 units per minute with no need for hands-on assistance. You can speed up production, keep up with demand, and reduce labor costs with this cutting-edge system.

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What Are Shrink Sleeves Used For – Where to Learn More:

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