Wafer Vacuum Packing – Are You Taking the Right Measures for Product Protection?

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Wafer Vacuum Packing – Are You Taking the Right Measures for Product Protection?

The thin slice of semiconductor material used in electronics has a specific packing requirements due to its fragile nature. These items go by various names such as slice, substrate, or more commonly, wafers. Exposure to external elements like moisture could easily render these product useless. Vacuum packing prevents exposure to several harmful elements and contaminants.

Due to the potential of harm, store wafers in a bag offering moisture barrier protection. This package is typically referred to as a “dry package” and is vacuum sealed to prevent exposure to outside elements. Wafer vacuum packing protects the contents from exposure to these items after the manufacturing process. While you might be aware of how these elements affect the product during assembly, the same can be said after the product leaves your manufacturing facility. Shipping complications include the following:

  • Dropping
  • Crushing
  • Heat Exposure
  • Cold Exposure
  • Moisture Exposure
  • Shaking

The list of potential problems after the product is packaged is extensive and the equipment you use to prepare them for this process is equally imperative. It can pose the same problems as are possible after a shipment leaves the warehouse. The processes and materials used to seal wafers protect the contents from the time the seal is created until it reaches the consumer.

How Does the Vacuum Packing Protect the Product?

Wafer vacuum packing involves removing air from the package before sealing, keeping the component dry. Contaminants such as dirt and dust are equally harmful to products. The vacuum packing process also provides increased tamper protection since any signs of tampering would be noticeable.

What to Evaluate Before Making a Vacuum Sealing Equipment Investment

Wafer vacuum packing equipment should be designed with these hazards in mind and offer features to further protect the product from harm. The equipment you choose to perform this process will make a big difference in product quality. It is essential to choose the right machine for your needs and to take time to evaluate available features. Wafers need protection throughout every portion of the process from manufacturing to consumer purchase.

Gain a good understanding about the amount of control the machine offers for the entire process before buying to ensure quality results. If the right amount of pressure and air removal is not provided, this could harm the product during the sealing process. Additionally, certain processes such as gas flushing prevent further problems and offer increased protection. Several commercial grade solutions are available when it comes to wafer vacuum packing.

At AMAC Technologies, we work hard to provide high quality, dependable options to our customers. We would love to hear about your specific needs and discuss how our equipment can help you protect every product that leaves your facility.