Benefits of a Volume Reducing Vacuum Sealer

Posted by AMAC

A volume reducing vacuum sealer is perfect for any industry that produces bulky items and could benefit from saving space, and cutting down shipping costs. AMAC Technologies produces a state of the art line of vacuum packaging and sealing machinery. Specifically, the nozzle vacuum sealer is great for reducing bulk and volume. The nozzle vacuum sealers are smaller pieces of machinery that could fit on surfaces such as counters or tables. They work by inserting a stainless steel nozzle into your item’s packaging and vacuuming out excess air, compacting the item and package, reducing the overall volume. Benefits of using machinery like this to vacuum seal items range from protecting goods from damaging elements, to extending shelf life of food items, and reducing bulk, all of which can save money and reduce waste.

Best Uses of Nozzle Vacuum Sealing: 

  • Reducing Volume and Bulk – If your business manufactures or packages bulky items like comforters, bedding, towels, linens, or clothing, you can reduce the size and weight of your shipping packages with the use of AMAC Technologies’ nozzle vacuum sealer. By removing excess oxygen and compressing these items with a volume reducing vacuum sealer they are easier to store and more cost effective to ship, saving your business money in the long run.
  • Food Packaging – Food processing and packaging is another popular industry for vacuum sealing. Sealing food products in air tight packaging with a nozzle vacuum sealer extends shelf life and protects food from bacteria that can cause spoil. This reduces waste and ultimately saves money.
  • Electronics – Using vacuum sealing technology to package electronics is an effective way to protect your electronic devices from damaging elements like water during storage or shipping. This reduces risk for damage and loss of product.

Packaging items with a volume reducing vacuum sealer is a great investment for any business looking to cut back on shipping costs and prevent spoil or damage to their products. To learn more about vacuum sealing systems such as the nozzle vacuum sealer, contact us today and find the best vacuum sealer for your business.