What is a Vertical Form Fill Sealer?

Posted by AMAC

A vertical form fill sealer is a piece of industrial machinery that is used to fill and seal bags with dry or liquid products for distribution. These packaging machines can be used for both intermittent or continuous packaging, and are smarter, faster, and cleaner alternatives to bag packaging.  Whether you are packaging food items, liquids, or other products that are best sealed in sturdy, upright bags, a vertical form fill sealer can save your business both time and money, while sealing your products into durable pouches for distribution.

Benefits of a Vertical Form Fill Sealer 

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The construction of vertical form fill sealers is a very open design. This allows for easy cleaning of the machine after use.
  • Faster Packaging Process: Many vertical form fill sealers have the ability to package up to 150 units in under 1 minute. This is vastly faster than manual packaging processes and will save your company time and money. With the burden of packaging being shifted to your VFFS machine, your employees will have time to focus their energy on more important tasks.
  • Smart Technology: Most VFFS systems can be easily adjusted for continuous or intermittent production, and can automatically adjust the speed of filling for each product. These machines can also sense if there is an error in filling, automatically rejecting bad bags or pausing production if needed.

If your business packages consumer items in bags for distribution, you should consider the use of a Vertical Form Fill Sealer to automate your packaging process, ultimately saving time and money.  Coming soon to AMAC Technologies, these state of the art VFFS machines will be a necessary tool for high performance facilities that produce large quantities of any liquid or solid product that is stored and packaged in bags. Contact us today to learn more about automated packaging machines and shop their full catalog of industrial machinery.