What Type of Vacuum Sealing Machine is Used for Sous Vide Cooking?

Posted by AMAC

There are many types of vacuum packaging machines, but if you are considering sous vide cooking then you will want to get a chamber vacuum packaging machine. Chamber vacuum packaging machines have so many great features. Their powerful pump and large chamber allows users to seal numerous bags of food at the same time. This is extremely beneficial for restaurants or facilities that do high volume sous vide cooking. The most important advantage of a chamber vacuum packaging machine is how easily and evenly food with liquids can be sealed. Using a chamber machine, liquids stay in the package instead of leaking out the edges of the bags. So if you are looking for a sous vide vacuum sealing machine, you will want to select a chamber vacuum sealing machine.

Below we showcase the features and designs of the chamber vacuum sealers we carry.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Features

  • Stainless Steel Chamber – A great feature to meet sterile packaging needs. Stainless steel also makes for easy clean up and increased durability.
  • See Through Lid – Line up bags perfectly when viewing through the transparent lid.
  • Gas Flushing – This feature provides better preservation by flushing gas into the chamber after air has been removed. With gas flushing the bag will be tight with no air pockets.
  • Liquid Vacuum Sealing – Chamber vacuum machines are the best option when you need to seal liquids. The pressure on the inside of the bag is the same as the outside so it can seal soups, sauces and marinades just to name a few.

Types of Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machines

  • Tabletop – Convenient for small work spaces or manufacturers with limited space.
  • Mobile – Ideal for manufacturing areas that share similar packaging responsibilities. The mobile chamber vacuum machine can be easily transported from one work area to another.
  • Double Vacuum ChamberThe perfect choice when demand exceeds that of a single chamber machine.


At AMAC Technologies our sous vide vacuum sealing machines range from counter models to industrial options and offer features to meet specific sealing requirement needs. Our chamber vacuum sealers are by far the best choice for sous vide cooking. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about our equipment options!