How Does Vacuum Sealing Improve Food Safety?

Posted by AMAC

Whether you are a food manufacturer or just a person concerned about food safety in your own home, vacuum sealing is the simple solution you’ve been searching for. The unique process of vacuum packaging removes oxygen from the package leaving it with a tight seal. Removing the air and sealing it tightly provides a lack of spoilage from organisms such as mold. It can also hasten the development of bad odor, color change and sliminess within the food product. Vacuum sealing improves food safety. It will keep your food fresher and for longer. For this reason, food manufacturers should be using vacuum sealing machines to improve food safety, and consumer should always look for vacuum sealed foods when shopping.

Vacuum Sealing Improves Food Safety

Vacuum sealing allows you to safely store your food properly which is critical for keeping it fresh. Vacuum sealing is the one sure way to keep perishable goods fresher for longer periods of time. Below is a detailed list of how vacuum sealing improves food safety. 

  • Moisture Protection – keeping products dry not only protects them from damage, but in the case of food keeps it free from bacteria growth. Food products last 3-5 times longer with vacuum sealing.
  • Visible Spoilage – Clear packaging allows for visible food contamination. It also keeps foods free from dirt, mold, germs, improper handling and any other environmental contaminants.
  • Increases Shelf Life Retail or Domestic – Vacuum sealing removes air from the packaging which prevents bacteria from growing. This helps keep products fresher for longer which is particularly beneficial for perishable goods such as meats and fish.

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