Three Different Industrial Vacuum Sealer Types and Uses

Posted by Chela Mancuso

There are many different vacuum sealer types that are used by manufacturers to package consumer products and protect them during shipping, handling, and storage. Vacuum packaging is widely used across many industries because it is affordable, fast, and provides a durable, airtight seal, that protects products from damage and extends the shelf lof of perishable items. Some industries that utilize vacuum sealers and products that are vacuum-sealed include food manufacturers, restaurants, electronics, medical tools and & devices, pharmaceuticals, clothing & linen products, and much more.

If you are looking for vacuum packaging solutions that will increase your output speed, reduce your labor costs, and provide quality packaging for your products, you have many options! However, it is important to first understand the different styles of vacuum packaging equipment that are available and how they work to determine which is best for your needs. What type of vacuum sealer is best for your applications will ultimately depend on what kind of product you are packaging, the volume your facility needs to produce, and how much space you have available in your place of business.

Industrial Vacuum Sealer Types and Applications:

  • Form Fill Seal (FFS) Vacuum Sealers – Form fill seal vacuum sealers, also referred to as FFS machines are ideal for large items like automotive parts, tools, medical equipment, or large food items. These systems will auto-sense the size and shape of your items and then cut c-fold film to fit the item. Oxygen is then evacuated from the custom fit packaging using suction, and the film is sealed shut to create an airtight barrier. These systems are fast and intuitive, operating completely hands-free. 
  • Chamber Vacuum Sealers – Chamber vacuum sealers are often used for packaging bigger food items as well asl liquid perishables like cooking oils, marinades, sauces, juices, and soups. This type of vacuum sealer operates in a different fashion than other vacuum sealers as they do not use suction to eliminate oxygen from the package, but rather pressure to push excess oxygen out. The use of a chamber vacuum sealer gives the user the ability to control how much pressure is applied and how much oxygen is removed to create the best environment for their products. 
  • Nozzle Vacuum Sealers – This style of vacuum packaging system is one of the most commonly used among businesses and manufacturers of all sizes. Nozzle vacuum sealers are versatile and easy to operate. They also come in sizes running from small tabletop machines, to fully automated, rotary pouch filling systems that can pack and seal up to 60 pouches in one minute. These systems work by using a nozzle to vacuum excess oxygen out of the package and then apply heat to seal them shut and create an airtight seal. This style of vacuum packaging can be used for most consumer goods and industrial products. This style of vacuum sealing is particularly useful when packaging food products to extend shelf life, electronics to protect them from moisture and debris, and packaging items like pillows and blankets to reduce bulk for shipping. 

What Is The Best Vacuum Packaging Solution For You?

If you need help deciding which vacuum sealer types are right for your business or products, contact AMAC Technologies. AMAC Technologies has been a leading provider of industrial vacuum packaging equipment for over 40 years. Their knowledgeable team of vacuum packaging specialists is dedicated to helping facilities like yours find cost-effective, efficient equipment that increases productivity and reduces the cost of your packaging process. Call today to learn more!