Best Vacuum Sealer to Reduce Bulk

Posted by AMAC

There are many methods to vacuum pack and seal goods, as well as numerous benefits that come from this style of packaging. While some vacuum packaging systems individually fit film to products and seal shut, the best vacuum sealer to reduce bulk is a nozzle vacuum sealer. This machine is small enough to be placed on standard counter or table, and works by using a stainless steel nozzle to suck the air out of an existing package. By removing the excess oxygen, you are able to shrink the size of the package you are shipping, reducing weight and bulk. This allows you to utilize more cost effective shipping methods for distribution. The nozzle vacuum sealer from AMAC Technologies is convenient, easy to use, great for reducing bulk, and will help you save money.

What Items Can Be Packaged With a Nozzle Vacuum Sealer? 

  • Clothing – Clothes can be packaged in bags and then sealed with the nozzle vacuum sealer to reduce bulk and compress the shipped items, allowing them to be shipped in smaller, more cost effective packages.
  • Comforters – If you are manufacturing items like bedding, pillows, blankets, and comforters, you have a lot to gain from implementing the use of a nozzle vacuum sealer. These items are soft and easily compressed. Using a vacuum sealer to remove excess oxygen allows these items to be reduced to a fraction of their size, which will cut down overall shipping costs.
  • Food – While you may not be too worried about packaged food items being bulky, there are still many benefits from vacuum sealing food. A vacuum sealed package is airtight, which extends shelf life and prevents food from being exposed to contaminants that could cause it to spoil. Vacuum sealing food goods will help to prevent waste and cut down on lost product.

If you feel your business could benefit from using a vacuum sealer to reduce bulk consider the nozzle vacuum sealer from AMAC Technologies. AMAC Technologies produces a large line of industrial packaging machinery and has the knowledge to find the vacuum sealer that best suits your needs. Contact us today to learn more and browse their full line of machinery.