Benefits of Using an Industrial Vacuum Sealer for Processed Food

Posted by AMAC

Using a vacuum sealer for processed food is a great way to speed up your packaging process and extend the shelf life of your food products. Food items like meats, cheeses, grains, vegetables, and even soups or broths can be efficiently packaged with the right vacuum sealing equipment. An added bonus of switching to automated vacuum sealing, is that this process is much faster than manual packaging, and will ultimately save money by reducing labor costs. Most vacuum sealing systems can handle the entire packing process from feeding and opening the packaging to filling and sealing shut, producing more units in a shorter amount of time than traditional packaging methods.  The key to finding the right vacuum sealing technology for your needs is working with a knowledgeable industrial machine supplier. If you are in need of a vacuum sealer for processed food AMAC Technologies can help you find a top of the line system that works best for your business.

Popular AMAC Technologies Vacuum Sealing Systems

  • FFS – AMAC’s form fill seal systems are used to fill bags, pouches, and laminates with either liquid or solid food items. These systems work best for food items like grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, powders, soups, oils or sauces. FFS technology is also capable of filling and sealing up to 60 bags per minute.
  • Automatic In-Line Vacuum Packaging – These systems are great for larger items like whole fish, chickens, or blocks of cheese. This machinery seals items in c-fold film, and cuts the film to size around the item, eliminating the need for custom molds.

Looking for an Industrial Vacuum Sealer for Processed Food?

Vacuum sealing is fast and efficient, saving both time and money, while preventing spoil and reducing waste. If your business is interested in using vacuum sealing systems contact AMAC Technologies. AMAC Technologies offers an extensive selection of top of the line machinery to help your business increase production and cut costs. Visit us today to learn more!