Vacuum Sealer for Bulk Packaging – Choose an Option Capable of Advancing the Quality of Your Products

Posted by AMAC

Consumers often prefer bulk packaging because it allows them to buy more for less. Bulk has a lot to offer both individual consumers and other businesses; however, stale or spoiled product can quickly derail company growth. The item must remain fresh for longer since it will take longer to use. This is especially true within the food industry where an improper seal can lead to problems such as contamination, lack of freshness, or spoilage. Manufacturers should consider using a vacuum sealer for bulk packaging to ensure freshness.

Bulk packaging is used for meats, fish, nuts, trail mixes, coffee, and additional products. Businesses often choose this option to provide a service or product to their customers and individuals also buy in bulk to save money. Using a vacuum sealer for bulk packaging is the best way to maintain freshness. This is because it removes all oxygen from the packaging before sealing. Oxygen encourages bacteria growth that leads to spoiling and lack of freshness.

Equipment Selection is Important for Several Reasons

While the process itself is important to your product, the equipment you choose to perform this step has great weight on quality in the eye of the consumer. When problems persist, the customer will choose to spend their money somewhere else. Inefficient equipment and/or processes can lead to the following:

  • Improper Seals
  • Wasted Product
  • Cross-Contamination
  • Reduced Freshness
  • Increased Costs
  • Poor Business Reputation

Even the best equipment can create a bad seal due to improper settings or complications with materials. When these problems occur frequently and consistently, it can have a real negative impact on several factors including how customers view your products. For example, a customer may purchase a bulk bag of coffee, but choose a new provider if it is stale both times.

Choosing the right vacuum sealer for bulk packaging is essential for continuous company growth. Certain features are better suited for the packing needs of specific products or production processes. It is essential to understand available features along with your needs to ensure high quality equipment is implemented within your facility.

AMAC Technologies offers a variety of equipment models to meet the needs of your industry and packaging processes. We offer table top, mobile, double chamber, and nozzle models designed to match industry specific processes as well. Contact our team today to learn more about each design’s features and how our equipment can advance your bulk packaging process!