Vacuum Packed Meals – Sealing Equipment Must Match Your Specific Needs

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Vacuum Packed Meals – Sealing Equipment Must Match Your Specific Needs

Vacuum sealing offers a plethora of benefits to users of every background whether at home, commercially, or for industrial purposes. The process removes oxygen from the package before sealing to improve freshness and shelf life. Limiting the amount of oxygen prevents microorganisms capable of harming quality from flourishing. Gas flushing may also be used to remove all oxygen from the package before sealing to further protect the item. Vacuum packing limits the chance of spoiling triggered by oxidation, which causes food like apples to turn color. That’s why vacuum sealing is perfect for creating vacuum packed meals.

What Advantages Does Your Business Gain from Vacuum Packing?

Equipment, packaging, and features vary depending on what food is being packed and how it is affected by oxygen. Vacuum packed meals are a real time saver for consumers. Some families follow this practice at home to save time and money without jeopardizing freshness. The same benefits apply to any business who sells pre-made meals. Vacuum packing delivers the following advantages:

  • Prevents bacteria growth
  • Prevents mold formation
  • Protects from freezer burn
  • Foods do not dehydrate
  • Locks in flavor and moisture
  • Offers a longer shelf life

Vacuum packed meals contain various types of foods making it important to have dependable, well-performing equipment. Since the items may contain different levels of moisture, it is important to have equipment capable of managing this part of the sealing process. Using suitable materials will limit the amount of moisture remaining in the meal as well as prevent contamination.

What to Consider Before Investing in Equipment?

Vacuum packed meals have a larger variety of considerations when it comes to sealing. This is because they contain a combination food items with each having individual quality control measures. A good example would be a meal that has chicken, a vegetable, and sides. If the chicken is not packed appropriately, it can contaminate the other food items. The equipment used to perform this process can have a positive or negative impact on packing results. Here are a few things to consider when choosing equipment for vacuum packed meals:

  • Will the equipment support your packaging needs?
  • Does it offer features to control the amount of air being removed?
  • Does it work with the type of packaging required for your meals?
  • Is it easy to clean and maintain?
  • What type of warranty is offered with the machine?
  • What machine design will deliver the most benefits?
  • Can it be used with more than one type of packaging or bags only?

When choosing equipment for vacuum packed meals, it is essential to ensure it will be able to provides the desired results. Taking time to choose the right combination of packaging, equipment, and features will deliver the most value. A knowledgeable equipment provider can offer insight into the benefits of each available model. Take time to discuss these needs with them to ensure you get dependable equipment with the right capabilities.

Selecting the Right Vacuum Packaging Machine

At AMAC Technologies, we offer industrial solutions capable of meeting your high-volume sealing needs. Our team will take time to listen to your needs and then recommend models capable of meeting those goals. Contact us today to learn more about our vacuum sealer designs and the features we can offer!