Vacuum Packaging to Reduce Shipping Cost, Bulk, and Carbon Footprint

Posted by Chela Mancuso

In the world of commercial manufacturing and packaging, efficiency is key, and this is where the use of compression packaging machines comes into play. The AMAC Technologies’ Compression Packaging Machine uses vacuum packaging to reduce shipping cost, bringing forth a revolution in the packaging industry. With its ability to reduce the bulk of many compressible products, it significantly minimizes their shipping volume and cost, a feat achieved by utilizing an adjustable degree of compression.

Typically used for compressing items such as pillows, foam cushions, mattresses, bedding, and folded clothes, this machine is versatile and could be utilized for virtually any compressible product.

How Does A Compression Packaging Machine Work?

The product to be compressed is placed into a heat-sealable bag, inserted into the machine, and within a few seconds, the package is compressed and heat sealed. The efficiency is impressive, with a typical production rate of 3 – 5 pieces per minute and the ability to adjust the degree of compression for each item.

Compression Packaging Machine Features and Specifications:

  • 55 Inch Maximum Seal Length
  • 3/8 Inch (1 cm) Wide Seal
  • Adjustable Sealing and Cooling Time
  • Machine Dimensions: 65” x 69” x 75” (1660 x 1750 x 1900 mm)
  • Machine Weight: 1100 lbs (500kg)
  • Maximum Product: 36” x 36” x 12” (915 x 915 x 305) mm
  • Seal Length: 55” (1400mm)
  • Seal Width: 3/8” (10mm).
  • Electrical: 110V; 60 Hz; Single Phase
  • Air Pressure: 60psi – 120 psi

3 Benefits of Using Vacuum Packaging To Reduce Shipping Cost And Bulk

  • Cost Effective – One of the primary benefits of utilizing this vacuum packaging technology is the drastic reduction in shipping costs. By reducing the volume of the products, more items can be fit in a single shipment. This means fewer trips and lower freight costs, without compromising product quality. The impact on a company’s bottom line can be substantial.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint – In addition, the use of the compression packaging machine brings with it environmental benefits. By reducing shipping volumes and consequently the number of trips, the carbon footprint associated with shipping gets significantly minimized. In today’s era where businesses are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, this machine offers a green solution.
  • Easy Storage and Transportation – Furthermore, the convenience of shipping and storage cannot be overstated. The compact nature of the packaged products means they take up less space, allowing for more efficient utilization of storage areas. This also extends to the end-users, as compressed products are easier to handle and move around, offering convenience to both consumers and delivery personnel.

The AMAC Technologies’ industrial compression vacuum sealer stands out in terms of construction and efficiency. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, AMAC Technologies has tailored this machine to the needs of manufacturers. Its adjustable compression levels give manufacturers the flexibility to optimize packaging based on the specific needs of their product line, while its high production rate ensures operations remain efficient.

Want To Learn More About Compression Vacuum Sealers?

AMAC Technologies, a trusted provider of commercial packaging equipment with over 40 years of knowledge and experience, offers a solution that can revolutionize your packaging process. By reducing the bulk, overhead costs, and carbon footprint of your packaging process, while making shipping and storage easier, the industrial compression vacuum sealer is more than just a packaging machine. It is a tool for operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. With AMAC Technologies, manufacturers can find the best packaging solutions tailored to their products and budget, proving once again that in business, the right tools can make all the difference.

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