High Speed Vacuum Packaging Systems For Commercial Use

Posted by Chela Mancuso

High-speed vacuum packaging systems are the go-to, packaging equipment for many commercial packaging facilities and manufacturers that are in need of affordable and efficient packaging processes to keep up with output demands. Vacuum packaging has become the industry standard for packaging most consumer and industrial products like food, medical tools, electronic components, and more, because of the benefits vacuum packaging provides.

Why is vacuum sealing so popular in commercial settings?

The use of automated, high-speed, vacuum packaging systems benefits the manufacturer and the consumer.

  •  Protective: First and foremost, vacuum packaging provides a protective, air-tight seal that locks out contaminants that could damage or spoil the product. This also prevents contamination of food and beverage products and helps extend the shelf life because vacuum sealing works by evacuating excess oxygen, which slows down the decomposition processes of perishable products. All of this benefits both the manufacturer and consumer by preventing, damage and loss of product while helping to ensure product quality.
  • Efficient: Another benefit of using fully automated vacuum sealing systems is that it makes the packaging process much more efficient. There are many high-speed vacuum packaging systems that can operate completely hands-free and produce 60 sealed units per minute. This helps increase production speed and output volume while removing the burden of tedious manual packaging efforts from your staff. 
  • Affordable: Finally, many manufacturers and packaging facilities seek out fully automated vacuum packaging machinery because this equipment makes the packaging process overall more affordable. With the use of hands-free, vacuum sealers, facilities are able to reduce labor costs,  increase productivity, and prevent damage to their products, resulting in a much more cost-effective packaging process. 

In short, the use of automated vacuum sealers helps to save time and money while ensuring the quality of your products. If you are looking for the right vacuum sealers for your particular applications, AMAC Technologies can help you!

What Vacuum Packaging Systems Should You Be Using?

There are a number of styles of vacuum sealers including nozzle sealers, pouch filling machines, vertical format sealers, horizontal FFS machines, chamber vacuum sealers, and much more. Choosing the best vacuum sealing system for your needs will depend on what kind of products you are packaging. If you would like to consult with vacuum packaging specialists to find the right commercial vacuum sealers for your facility or business, contact AMAC Technologies here. 

AMAC Technologies has been a leading provider of cutting-edge vacuum sealing equipment for more than 40 years. Their dedicated team of specialists will take the time to understand your needs and will help you find the best packaging solutions to protect your products and take your packaging process to the next level. Call today to learn more!