Electronics Manufacturing: Controlling Costs with Vacuum Packaging

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Vacuum Packaging Electronics

Electronics manufacturers face so many challenges in the current electronics exploding markets. The demand for quality, reliable components is growing. Smart phone technology is spilling over into every type of electronics product from microwaves to vehicles, so manufacturers are pressured to keep up with the component demands for smart devices. But keeping up with demand is only part of the challenge. To be competitive, electronics manufacturers must find ways to keep costs under control. One smart way to do this is by vacuum packaging electronics.

Vacuum Packaging Electronics

Most manufacturers think of food when they think of vacuum sealing as a packaging option. But food is not the only place where a vacuum sealer can have a significant impact on product integrity. Vacuum sealing isn’t just about keeping a product fresh, it does so much more than that. Simple things like dust and debris can spoil a circuit board. Vacuum sealing is one of the best packaging methods for protecting a component from such things. As an electronics manufacturer, when you deliver a product that is free from debris and contaminants and is less likely to fail, this will play a critical role in keeping your costs down. Less product failure equals more money.

Why Choose Vacuum Sealing for Electronics Components?

Below we take a look as just a few reasons manufacturers should choose vacuum packaging for electronics components.

  1. ESD Protection – select vacuum sealers are manufactured with antistatic materials so that ESD sensitive components, assemblies, and PCB’s may be vacuum packed in a static safe environment.
  2. Product Integrity – when used with the appropriate bags, vacuum sealing protects against dust, damage, ultra violet and radio frequency contamination, electrostatic discharge, humidity oxidization, and corrosion.
  3. Saves Time – with the proper machine, vacuum sealing is a very quick and efficient method of packaging components.
  1. Moisture Protection – vacuum sealing protects against condensation during storage and any accidental spills during handling.
  2. Cushioned Options — you can control the vacuuming speed and final vacuum strength to much less than 100% which may damage the implanted parts. You can also consider gas injection to give it a cushion.

When it comes to electronic components, vacuum packaging electronics is a great option for packaging. It is designed to help manufacturers deliver components that are less likely to fail. Vacuum packing is also widely used when managing parts, inventory, and material handling, providing a more efficient control of inventory. Switching to vacuum packaging is easy, but talking to an expert with a professional vacuum sealing manufacturer is the best way to find a sealer to meet your exact packaging needs.

Looking for a Great Way to Control Cost When Packaging Electronics?

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