Vacuum Packaging 101 – A Guide to Understanding the Basics of Vacuum Sealing

Posted by AMAC

If you are new to manufacturing and are not familial with vacuum sealing, our vacuum packaging 101 series is just for you! Throughout this series we will discuss all the facets of vacuum packaging. From simple tabletop models to complex rotary vacuum sealing machines. We will give you the basic understanding of vacuum sealing. We will help you discern the options and benefits of each type of model. Today we will focus on what vacuum packaging is and the many benefits it provides to products.

What is Vacuum Packaging? 

Vacuum packaging is a simple packaging method that removes air from a plastic packaging material prior to closing. Packages are protected with an air tight seal. There are a variety of packing materials available along with numerous types of machines. These machines accommodate the medical industry, food packaging plants, electronics, industrial products packaging and more. The main objective of this type of packaging is to extend shelf life, but there are many other benefits.

Benefits of Vacuum Packaging 

Vacuum packaging benefits both the products and the processing and logistics of them in many ways. For example, vacuum sealed packages take up less shipping space and retail shelf space giving retailers reduced shipping and more space for inventory. When it comes to the actual product, vacuum sealing provides product protection and can even offer special protections to electronics when the proper anti-static materials are used. Vacuum sealing is also perfect for keeping perishable goods fresher for longer periods of time. Below is a detailed list of the many benefits that vacuum packaging provides: 

  1. Moisture Protection – keeping products dry not only protects them from damage, but in the case of food keeps it free from bacteria growth.
  2. Preserves Appearance – Keeps items free from dirt, mold, germs, improper handling and any other environmental contaminants.
  3. Tamper Evident – It is visually apparent when a product has been compromised.
  4. Space Saver – Vacuum sealing is one of the smallest types of packaging. This is not only helpful for valuable shelf space, but saves on costly shipping and cargo space.
  5. Increases Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing helps keep products fresher for longer which is particularly beneficial to perishable goods such as beef and fish.
  6. Customers Shop with Confidence – Consumers will be more confident of the condition of the product they purchase by both the appearance and tamper evidence that professional vacuum sealing delivers.

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