What is a Vacuum Massage Tumbler Machine?

Posted by AMAC

One exciting piece of equipment that may not be well know, but is available to food manufacturers and restaurateurs is the vacuum massage tumbler machine. This machine adds a whole new level of versatility to the food processing and packaging industry.  Such a vacuum tumbler machine is invaluable for marinating, pickling, and mixing food products. Using a marinating vacuum tumbler,  add marinating liquids that help tenderize the product through chemical and mechanical means. It can marinate, mix, or coat various types of food such as beef, pork, poultry and seafood. This process makes foods more tender and juicy and can enhance both flavor and appearance.

How Do They Work?

Vacuum massage tumbler machines use both the vacuum component and the tumbling feature to expedite the marinating process. The machines work by opening the pores of the protein being processed. The vacuum pressure creates faster and better absorption of the marinating brine while the tumbling or massaging helps break down the muscles and connective tissues to tenderize the product.

Features of a Vacuum Massage Tumbler Machine

With so many things to consider when selecting a new piece of equipment to add to your manufacturing line, it is always beneficial to consider the features available. Adding flavor or spice to your once ordinary chicken production can boost sales and brand recognition. This is why a vacuum tumbler machine can be so invaluable. Below we look at some of the features of a vacuum massage tumbler machine that you should review.

  • Stainless Steel Chamber – Complete stainless steel structure for maximum durability and easy clean up.
  • Spacious Rotating Drum – The drum can rotate forward or in revers and the speed can be adjusted. The vacuum time as well as the pressure inside the drum can be adjusted to fit various products’ needs.
  • Continuous and Non Continuous – These tumblers can be purchased with continuous vacuum processing or non-continuous vacuum processing depending upon the strength of marinade or massaging required.

Vacuum massage tumbler machines are not common to many industries, but they provide a unique service for food manufacturers and restaurants. When selecting the right machine for your needs you should consider the amount of space available and balance that with features you must have. The type you choose should fit your current production while considering future needs.

Looking for a Vacuum Massage Tumbler Machine?

Vacuum massage tumbler machines are perfect for taking your food products to a new level. With the proper machine you can enhance flavor and appeal and reduce the risk of contamination. Researching the best vacuum massage tumbler machine isn’t hard when you work with a professional.

At AMAC Technologies, we offer numerous vacuum machine models with unique designs. If you have been considering this investment, you should contact our team today to learn how your business can benefit from adding a vacuum massage tumbler to your food production.