Vacuum Food Sealer For Food Manufacturers

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Automated vacuum food sealers are essential for food manufacturers who produce large quantities of pre-packaged food. An automated vacuum food sealer can effectively pack food products in a manner that will not only speed up production, but also protect your product and extend shelf life. AMAC Technologies’ vacuum food sealers can package a variety of food products including liquid, solid, and powdered products in either pre-made pouches or cut to fit c-fold film. Automated food packaging provides several advantages to manufacturers that are just not possible with manual packaging methods. Implementing automatic vacuum technology is an easy and cost effective way to increase production, lower overhead, prevent loss, and keep up with demand. If you are looking to do all of this and more, without breaking the bank, AMAC Technologies can help. 

Benefits of Using an AMAC Technologies Vacuum Food Sealer:

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies’ automated vacuum packaging systems can pack and seal up to 60 units in one minute. This allows for a much higher production rate in a shorter amount of time than can be accomplished with manual packaging. 
  • Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing food goods removes excess oxygen and prevents exposure to contaminants. This helps to extend shelf life and reduce waste and loss of product.
  • Lowered Overhead – These automated systems handle the entirety of the packaging process with no need for manual intervention. This allows for a substantial decrease in labor costs. 
  • Reduced Risk – As there is no need for manual labor when using automated vacuum sealers, there is considerably less risk of injury. With less workplace risk, there is less liability, creating an overall safer work environment. 

Need An Automated Vacuum Food Sealer for Manufacturing?

If you are looking to revamp your food packaging process with automatic vacuum food sealers, contact AMAC Technologies! AMAC Technologies is a leading provider of cutting edge manufacturing equipment, designed for speed and efficiency. Contact us today to speak with one of our vacuum packaging specialists, and find the best packaging equipment for your needs.