Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines Support the High Volume Needs of Any Business

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Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines Support the High Volume Needs of Any Business

Several options are available when it comes to purchasing a vacuum chamber packaging machine for your business. While it may seem like each model offers the same set of features, the design you choose will make a significant difference in the received packaging results. Vacuum chamber packaging machines are common because they offer abundant benefits for industrial and commercial packaging.

Designs include tabletop, mobile, and double vacuum chamber packaging machines to provide a solution for every company need. A two-chamber design delivers increased quality control since one chamber can be loaded while the other is sealing. Tabletop models are convenient for smaller work areas or businesses with limited space. Mobile options are a great choice if equipment needs to be moved to other locations in a room or facility.

How Do Chamber Packaging Machines Work?

The entire product and packaging materials are placed in the chamber and the lid remains closed until the process has finished. During the sealing process, the surrounding pressure is reduced as air is removed from the chamber. The bag or package may puff up due to the difference in pressure until everything stabilizes. A heat seal strip is used complete the seal and then the air enters the chamber again. The product is removed after the pressure within the chamber becomes stable.

This process reduces the risk of contamination, promotes quality assurance, and prevents exposure to harmful outside elements during the sealing process. Gas flushing is an additional feature offered with chamber vacuum packaging machines. This feature involves flushing gas into the chamber after air has been removed, which eliminates all oxygen for better preservation. When gas flushing is used, the bag will be tight with no air pockets. This feature is not needed for every type of vacuum seal and can be discussed with the equipment provider to see if your company will benefit.

Why Invest in a Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Chamber vacuum packaging machines are a good choice for industrial sealing because they are designed to match the high volume needs of any company. These machines also work well for small businesses or individual users who vacuum seal frequently. Additionally, they have a longer operating life since designed for industrial use and naturally last for more years even when exposed to increased volumes.

Easy to service and entailing lower maintenance costs, this design offers a larger variety of packaging choices for sealing. Industrial models offer additional features, like gas flushing, for increase shelf life among other benefits. The volume of seals will be a big decision factor as well as the amount of available space. Choosing the right equipment for the job will ensure lower costs, reliable seals, and better product quality.

Finding the Best Vacuum Chamber Sealing Machine

AMAC Technologies offers several vacuum chamber sealer machine models including tabletop, double chamber, and mobile designs. If you have been considering this investment, we would love to hear from you! Contact our team today to learn how your business can benefit from our equipment.