Comparing Types of Automated Vacuum Packaging Machines

Posted by AMAC

Automated Vacuum Packaging Machines

At AMAC, we offer numerous types of Automated Vacuum Packaging Machines.  Our automated machines are the very latest in the vacuum sealing industry. Our industrial machines vary in size, loading features, processing ability and production speed. Below we briefly outline our types of automated vacuum packaging machines. Please review the details below, or call us today to discuss your specific vacuum sealing needs.

In-line Vacuum Chamber Machines

  • This chamber moves vertically up and down in sizes up to 53” L x 42” W x 10” H
  • These are semi-automatic machines for high volume vacuum packaging.
  • Fully automated in-line vacuum system AIV-2000 with auto-wrapper connected with in-line vacuum chamber makes it a completely labor-free vacuum packaging.
  • Uses C-fold film instead of bags for continuous packing.

Continuous Belt Type Pocket Chamber Machines

  • These chamber machines have 41” seal bars for high volume vacuum packaging.
  • You can use air-activated bagger to quickly load products and place them in the pockets for continuous vacuum packaging.

Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machines

  • Up to 80 bpm fully automated operations form product loading to vacuuming and sealing.

Thermoforming Packaging Machines

  • Feature multiple cavity vacuum and seal.
  • Extremely competitive price for machine and cavity/molds.

Ready to Learn More About our Types of Automated Vacuum Packaging Machines?

If you have been considering different types of automated vacuum packaging machines, our staff would love to help you determine which automated packaging machines will enhance your production. Automation is a big decision for any business and we understand how important it is to choose equipment that meets your current needs, but leaves room to grow! Call our sales staff today to find the perfect vacuum packaging machine to meet your packaging needs – 877-380-6117, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our entire automated equipment line.