Twin Rotary Filling Machines and Vacuum Sealers for Food Packaging

Posted by AMAC

Twin rotary filling machines and vacuum sealers such as the RF-8200 series from AMAC Technologies is the perfect solution for efficiently packing and sealing food products into durable pouches. The RF-8200 is an all in one automated system that handled the entire packaging process from start to finish, eliminating the need for cumbersome, manual packaging processes. The RF-8200 has the ability to open, fill, and seal stand up bags and pouches with both liquid and solid products, allowing a variety of products including vegetables, fruits, grains, sauces, broths and soups all to be automatically packaged with the same machine. AMAC Technologies twin rotary filling machines and vacuum sealers are designed for maximum efficiency allowing for more units to be packed and sealed in a shorter amount of time than manual packaging. This saves you business both time and money by fulfilling units faster and cutting down on labor costs.  If you are looking to make your packaging process faster and more affordable, twin rotary filling machines and vacuum sealers are the answer. 

About The RF-8200 System

  • Speed – The RF-8200 can fill and package up to 60 units per minute, increasing efficiency and output without increased labor costs.
  • Filling – The RF-8200 can fill flat pouches, stand-up pouches, gusseted bags and laminates with solid or liquid goods. These high quality, durable pouches can hold up to 2.2lbs of product.
  • Efficiency – This state of the art machinery will increase output, decrease labor costs, save time, and allow your employees to focus on more important tasks as the RF-8200 handles all of the aspects of packaging.

Looking to Invest in Twin Rotary Filling Machines and Vacuum Sealers?

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