Does a Tuna Vacuum Sealer Help Your Product Stay Fresh Longer?

Posted by AMAC

Does a Tuna Vacuum Sealer Help Your Product Stay Fresh Longer?

The vacuum sealing process increases the shelf life of fresh meats and fish while maintaining product quality. Many manufacturers, grocery stores, and businesses use a tuna vacuum sealer to protect the quality of their product. Vacuum sealed fish are editable for as much as a year when the process is done correctly. This allows consumers to place the fish in their freezer and use as needed without worrying about the food going bad.

An important factor when using this process for tuna or other fresh fish is to ensure the sealed end remains dry. Moisture on or near the seal can result in an improper seal, which will lead to freezer burn. The equipment, processes, and packaging materials will determine the level of received results. An ineffective seal encourages bacterial growth, contamination, and loss of freshness.

Why Should You Consider Vacuum Packing?

Clean, compact packing models enhance the value of fish products. Removing oxygen from the package prevents bacteria growth and contaminant exposure. The process protects food color, flavor, and food supplied vitamins. The extraction of oxygen prolongs the oils found in fish from breaking down, which is what harms the color and firmness of fish over a long period of time.

Vacuum packing is ideal since the faster it is sealed the longer it will stay fresh in a freezer. As an example, lean fish can remain in a freezer for at least a year if it is packaged within a couple of days. The duration varies depending on how lean the fish is as well as the amount of oil it contains. A tuna vacuum sealer also promotes the prevention of cross contamination when handling other types of foods or fish.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Tuna Vacuum Sealer

Choose a design with features to prevent moisture from being pulled out with the air during the seal. Maintaining safety and quality are an imperative part of packing these items for consumer sale. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing this equipment:

  • Strong Vacuum Process – A strong process guarantees enough air is removed to create a dependable seal.
  • Budget Worthy – It needs to not only meet performance requirements, but also fit within your company budget.
  • Reliable Seal – The equipment should be able to manage the additional moisture that is part of packing fresh fish. Air must be removed correctly to create a proper, lasting seal.
  • Reviews and Supplier Reputation – The company you use to acquire sealing equipment should have a reputation for providing high quality, dependable tuna vacuum sealers.

Additionally, it is important to know how much air will be removed by the equipment. Some models remove all air by using a process called “gas flushing” and others only remove a portion of the air from the bag or package. The features you choose will depend heavily on your packing process and preferences.

At AMAC Technologies our tuna vacuum sealer designs range from counter models to industrial options and offer features to meet specific packing needs. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about our equipment options!