Touch Free Meat Packaging

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Touch free meat packaging helps to protect your facility and consumers by reducing contact, and the potential to spread illness. In light of the covid 19 pandemic, hands free packaging for food has become a staple in food manufacturing. Not only does automatic, touch free meat packaging reduce contact, but it will also speed up your packaging process, and help to prevent spoiling and waste. Another benefit of touch free meat packaging is that it will reduce your overhead costs, and make your packaging process more affordable. If you are interested in touch free meat packaging that can do all of this and more, AMAC Technologies is here to help.

Benefits of AMAC’s Touch Free Meat Packaging:

  • Reduced Contact – Touch free meat packaging helps to keep your facility safe by limiting contact between employees and with your products. This will decrease the chances of spreading illness and disease.
  • Speed – These automatic, hands free packaging systems and pack and seal a variety of meat and food products, of varying sizes and shapes, at speeds of 60 units per minute. This is much faster than hand packaging, and will dramatically reduce packaging times.
  • Affordability – As these touch freem meat packaging systems are totally hands free, there is no need for manual packaging. This will drastically reduce labor costs and reduce your overhead costs. 
  • Reduced Waste – AMAC Technologies’ no touch meat packaging systems automatically vacuum pack your food products with no need for custom molds. This packaging will prevent waste and the chance of spoil by providing an airtight seal and reducing contact. This keeps your food goods from coming in contact with bacteria that could cause the meat to go bad.

Want To Learn More About Touch Free Packaging?

If you are interested in touch free meat packaging equipment for your facility, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies has over 40 years of experience in providing cutting edge, affordable packaging equipment that can take your packaging process to the next level. Call today to speak with a specialist and learn more!