Thermoforming Packaging System

Posted by AMAC

A thermoforming packaging system such as the TFM-420 from AMAC Technologies is specially designed to package items such as food products, hardware, medicine, or electronics in a time efficient manner. This top of the line machinery uses european vacuum designs, new to the united states, to automate the packaging portion of your manufacturing process. Being able to quickly vacuum seal your product allows you to save both time and money that can be spent growing your business, while the TFM-420 handles the packaging of your products for  commercial distribution.

Pros of Using a Thermoforming Packaging System 

  • The touch screen control of the TFM-420 makes this machine incredibly user friendly, allowing for easy adjustment of print details, cycle speeds, language settings, forming depths and more.
  • The TFM-420 is built for speed and efficiency, using a high performance european pump system, that will allow you to package more products in a shorter amount of time, increasing your overall production rate.
  • This thermoforming packaging system is great for packaging medicine, meats, medical tools, pastes, agricultural products, electronics and more, as the size of the packing can be adjusted item by item. This allows for a diverse range of products of various sizes to be packaged by one machine.
  • The TFM-420 allows for fast simple change over between production sets and it’s full stainless steel construction makes the machinery both durable and easy to clean.

Looking for the Right Thermoforming Packaging System?

Speed and efficiency are necessary elements to succeed in manufacturing. By implementing the use of a thermoforming packaging system, like the TFM-420, you will be securing these pertinent elements of success. This top of the line machinery will give you the tools you need to produce larger quantities of product in less time, allowing more focus to be put on the business behind the products you are packaging. If you believe your business could benefit from this thermoforming packaging system, or other automated manufacturing machinery, contact us today!