How Can Tamper Evident Shrink Bands Protect Your Products and Consumers?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Tamper evident shrink bands are one of the most popular options in consumer packaging. Shrink bands are an effective way to prevent products from being tampered with, and can also ensure product freshness. Tamper-evident shrink bands can be an extension of shrink sleeve wrapping and are pieces of plastic that generally go around bottles and jars to add protection, and then seal to products when heat is applied. It creates a tight, tamper-proof seal that helps consumers and producers keep their products safe and consume products safely. There are a variety of industries that use tamper-proof technology including the cosmetic industry, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. 

How Do Tamper Evident Shrink Bands Work?

Just like regular shrink bands, tamper-evident shrink bands are applied much the same. Shrink labeling and neckband pieces of equipment are easily automated, and apply the tamper-evident shrink bands seamlessly, and hands-free. Once the neck bands are applied to the product container, they are then run through a heated tunnel that is designed specifically to shrink the sleeve to fit the product. These fitted bands cover the cap or lid of the product and have a perforated strip that must be broken in order to open the container. 

The Benefits of Tamper Evident Shrink Bands

For manufacturers, safety and integrity is a top priority for their products. When it comes to products like cosmetics, food, alcohol, other beverages, neutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals, safety is especially important. To ensure that protection, many manufacturers use tamper-evident shrink bands on their packaging, because it comes with many benefits. Tamper evident seals allow the customer to easily identify if the product has been tampered with. 

The primary reason why tamper-evident shrink banding is so important is because of safety. They ultimately protect consumers and help them identify any issues with the product before purchasing it. While someone tampering with a product may be harmless, it can also result in a contaminated product which could cause serious harm to a consumer, which is why tamper-evident shrink bands are so important. 

Another important function of neck banding is loss prevention. When tamper-evident neck bands are applied, it protects the manufacturer from losing product unnecessarily. Consumers are less likely to open the product to test it if tamper-evident neck banding is applied to a product, meaning that retailers will need to throw away less resulting in less waste and less loss of product. 

Where to Find Tamper Evident Seal Printers

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