Tamper Evident Shrink Bands For Jars

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands For Jars

Tamper evident shrink bands for jars are used by many product manufacturers to provide safety to consumers. They are placed on to products by automated machinery then passed through a heat shrink tunnel to be secured before the products are packaged for shipping.

Benefits of Shrink Bands for Product Packaging

There are many benefits to using tamper evident shrink bands for jars and other products such as bottles, canisters etc. One benefit is that it provides an extra level of safety for consumers. By using these bands, manufacturers can be sure that their products will not be opened or tampered with before they reach the consumer. Another benefit is that it can help to increase the shelf life of products. By using these bands, manufacturers can be sure that their products will not be exposed to oxygen or moisture which can cause them to spoil.

Other Popular Products that use Tamper Evident Bands:

  • Water Bottles
  • Food Containers
  • Medicine Bottles
  • Cosmetic Containers

The Importance of Using Tamper Evident Bands in Packaging

This type of packaging is very important for ensuring that the product inside is safe to consume. They provide a visual cue that lets the consumer know if the package has been opened before. Shrink Bands also gives the consumer the confidence to select your products over your competition because they demonstrate quality and safety. This can be extremely important for products that need to be stored in a sterile environment or for products that are sensitive to light or air.


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