Best Tamper Evident Shrink Band Machine For Commercial Packaging

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What are tamper evident shrink bands and why are they important for commercial packaging?

Tamper evident shrink bands are a type of security seal that is applied to the opening of a container with a tamper evident shrink band machine to prevent it from being opened without breaking the seal. These seals are often used on food, beverage, and cosmetic containers in retail settings to deter shoppers from tampering with the contents. Once the seal is broken, it is impossible to close it again without leaving evidence of tampering, making it easy for consumers to identify if a product has been opened before they purchase it. Tamper evident shrink bands help to protect against product waste and loss in retail environments by making sure that only unopened products are available for purchase. They also help to ensure that the products inside the containers are safe for consumers to use.

How are tamper evident seals applied to consumer products?

Tamper evident shrink bands, also called tamper evident seals or tamper evident neckbands, can be easily applied hands-free with the use of a tamper evident shrink band machine or an automatic shrink labeler. One common form of tamper evident seal is tamper evident neckbands, which are applied directly to the neck of a product container. These bands typically have an easy-to-open design for the consumer but leave clear evidence of tampering if they have been tampered with or removed. Another option is tamper evident shrink bands, which are applied to the entire container and shrunk tightly around the lid or cap. These seals can also be designed with tamper evident features, such as perforated edges or ‘ tear here’ indicators.

Both of these styles of tamper evident packaging are best applied to products with the use of a neckbander or shrink sleeve applicator. These are pieces of commercial packaging equipment that quickly apply custom shrink sleeves and neck banding to products like bottles, cans, jars, and more. This equipment works in line with shrink tunnels and can produce anywhere between 80 to 300 shrink labeled products per minute, depending on which style of shrink labeler you choose.

What is the best tamper evident shrink band machine for your business needs, and where can you find it?

When selecting the tamper evident shrink band machine that best meets the needs of your business, it is important to consider a number of factors. These include the type and size of the product being packaged, the production rate required, and any additional features that may be necessary. Additionally, it is essential to purchase equipment from a reputable supplier with a track record of reliable service and support.

At AMAC Technologies, we offer a range of tamper evident shrink band machines to suit a variety of packaging needs, including the following systems:

  • ASL-100: The ASL-100 is a small footprint, shrink sleeve applicator that is ideal for bottle shops, microbreweries, and craft beer brands. This system is specifically designed to handle bottles, cans, and jars that can produce 80 units per minute. This system is sought after in the beverage industry as well as by manufacturers and brands that produce items like candles, honey, preserves, and more that are packaged in jars. The user friendly controls and robust construction make this system an affordable, efficient, and reliable piece of packaging equipment.
  • Egret-100 and Egret-200: The Egret Series tamper evident shrink band machines are ideal for manufacturers large and small that wish to apply both tamper evident packaging and custom shrink sleeves to a variety of products with easy change over from product to product. This system boasts strong servo motors, a stainless steel construction, and easy to use touch screen controls for fast and effective hands free packaging.
  • ASL-300: The ASL-300 shrink sleeve applicator is a fully automated, high speed shrink labeler, ideal for large scale manufacturers who package a variety of products, that can produce 300 units per minute. This system is user friendly, robust, and reliable, and features an innovative cantilever system that allows for seamless changeovers from one product to the next.

Want To Learn More About Shrink Sleeve Labelers and Tamper Evident Neck Banding Equipment?

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