Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Applicator

Posted by Joe Mancuso

A tamper-evident shrink band applicator is necessary for many manufacturers who produce products like bottled drinks, food products, cosmetics, personal care products, and more. A tamper-evident shrink band applicator will label your product with a neck band that must be broken in order to open or use the product. This allows shoppers to see that the product they are purchasing has not been opened before and is safe for use. If you are looking for a shrink band applicator that is capable of tamper-evident neck banding and full body shrink labeling for an affordable price, AMAC Technologies’ ASL-300 might be the right choice for you. 

Benefits of The ASL-300 Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Applicator:

  • Affordable –  The ASL-300 was designed to be efficient and cost effective offering not only a compact footprint, but also the lowest purchase price of any shrink labeler in its class. This makes top of the line, high production shrink labeling accessible to manufacturers of all sizes. 
  • Efficient Design – The ASL-300 is an automatic shrink band applicator that has a stainless steel construction and uses strong servo motors, an efficient cantilever design, and ISO 9001/2200 facility to produce at speeds of up to 300 bpm. The cantilever design also allows for fast, seamless changeover from one product to the next. The compact dimensions of this machine (33.6” (W) x 42.9” (L) x 72.8” – 84.6” (H)) also allow for it to be used in a wide variety of facilities without losing valuable square footage. 
  • Multi-Use – The ALS-300 can be used to package a variety of different products with full body shrink labeling, tamper-evident shrink labeling, and neck banding. This type of packaging is used across several industries, and the efficient design of the ASL-300 allows for easy changeovers, and multipurpose use. 

Want To Learn More About Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Applicators?

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