4 Benefits of Tamper Evident Seals For Cosmetics, Beverages, and Food Products

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What Are Tamper Evident Seals?

Tamper evident seals, also known as tamper evident neckbands, are a type of packaging that is used to protect products from being tampered with in stores, prior to purchase. These seals can be applied to bottles, jars, cans, and other containers with a lid. They have a perforated strip that runs along the side that must be broken in order to open and use the product. This style of packaging is cost-effective, helps to reduce waste, and can be applied hands-free with automated machinery. Some products that are packaged with tamper evident seals are cleaning supplies, vitamins, otc medication, beverages, food products, mouthwash, and much more.

Why Do So Many Manufacturers Choose To Use Tamper Evident Neck Bands and Shrink Sleeves?

There are several reasons why manufacturers choose to package their products with tamper evident neckbands, including the safety of the customer, protecting their products, reducing waste, and affordability.

1) Consumer Safety: In the wake of the 1982 Tylenol poisoning incident, tamper evident packaging became a popular way to help protect consumers from unknowingly using tampered products. These seals give consumers a visual cue that the product has not been tampered with and provides an extra layer of safety.

2) Product Protection: Applying a tamper evident seal can also help to protect your product from being tampered with in-store, prior to purchase. Shoppers aren’t always intending to hurt other consumers by tampering with products but may be trying to sample or test a product prior to use. However, when this happens, retailers have to dispose of the products that have been opened. A tamper-evident seal will denture shoppers from attempting to open products prior to purchase.

3) Waste Reduction – As mentioned before when products are opened and left in the store, they have to be thrown away because of the risk they present to other shoppers. As a tamper-evident seal will prevent shoppers from opening your products, this will also significantly reduce or eliminate the number of products that have to be discarded, reducing waste and loss.

4) Cost-Effective: Tamper evident packaging is a cost-effective solution for manufacturers as it does not require hands-on labor to apply the packaging. Neckbands and shrink sleeves can be quickly and efficiently applied with the use of shrink labeling equipment like the ASL-300. This shrink labeling system is the most affordable of its class and operates at a speed of 300 units per minute with no need for manual intervention. The use of this equipment will increase the quality of your packaging, reduce labor costs, and increase production speed making your packaging process faster and more affordable.

Want To Learn More About Tamper Proof Packaging Solutions?

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