Surgical Instrument Packaging: Has your Hospital Considered a Vacuum Sealing Solution?

Posted by AMAC

A good hospital takes extreme measures to protect patients, staff, and visitors, but unfortunately almost every item in a hospital has the potential for germs and contamination.  From doorknobs to dixie cups, hospital staff must always go the extra mile to ensure that such items are kept clean and sterile. In a hospital setting, all levels of sanitation are important; however, some require a greater level of purity than others. When it comes to preserving the integrity of tools like surgical instruments, hospitals must take extra steps in protection. Such steps should guarantee cleanliness and sterility. With this in mind, how should a hospital perform surgical instrument packaging?

There are probably many ways hospitals can achieve the sterile packaging of their surgical instruments, but one simple measure your hospital may not have considered is through vacuum sealing. If you are not using vacuum sealing, read below to discover the many benefits it provides.

Benefits of Surgical Instrument Packaging Using Vacuum Sealing

  1. Removes Air – keeps tools dry and free from bacteria growth which is critical.
  2. Preserves Integrity – keeps tools free from contaminants, such as dirt, mold, germs and improper handling.
  3. Moisture Protection – protects against accidental spills in fast-paced fast hospital settings.
  4. Fast Process – vacuum sealing with the proper machine and materials is a very quick and efficient method of packaging instruments.
  5. Tamper Evident – staff can see when the integrity of the product seal has been broken and compromised.

Hospital Products Suitable for Vacuum Packing

Along with surgical instruments, buyers use vacuum packaging for many other hospital products: 

  • Medical accessories
  • Surgical tools
  • Medical kits
  • Sterile goods
  • Stents

Since preserving the integrity of supplies is critical to keeping patients safe, it is likely that nurses, lab technicians, and hospital staff can identify daily use items that might benefit from vacuum seal storage. In particular, patient specimens or medications, are a few such simple ways. Your vacuum sealing solutions begin with AMAC Technologies and the possibilities are truly endless. With a variety of machines to choose from, we have the proper medical packaging machinery to suit your hospital’s needs.

Looking for a Simple Yet Innovative Way to Package Surgical Instruments?
AMAC Technologies has both the vacuum sealers and the expertise to help! Vacuum sealing is a simple process to implement, yet talking to a professional is always a good idea. Contact our vacuum sealing consultants today and our experienced providers will match the right vacuum sealer to your needs. To learn how we can use our special expertise to help you find the best vacuum sealer, please fill out our contact form.