Sterile Packaging Machine – Why the T-200EM is the Perfect Tabletop Vacuum Packaging Machine

Posted by AMAC

Sterile packaging is one of the most difficult packaging tasks to undertake. The process of sterilizing alone is daunting. Killing all microorganisms and spores to keep items free of germs and disease and making them noninfectious is a tall order alone. But preserving the items and keeping them free from contamination during storage, handling, and transport, is just as challenging. Thankfully there are wonderful sterile packaging machines to make the job easier. Below we feature one of our simple, yet versatile machines the T-200EM. The T-200EM is a great choice if you are in the market for an affordable, yet versatile sterile packaging machine.

Features of the Sterile Packaging Machine T-200EM

The tabletop sterile packaging machine T-200Em is the perfect solution for all your sterile packaging needs. This tabletop stainless steel machine comes with two seal bars side to side. It features a deep rounded chamber for optimal cleanliness and the least particle count. The see-through cover allows operators to monitor the sealing process for product quality assurance.  The sealing bars are wireless by design to allow for simple removal to perform regular maintenance.  Many considerations were made with this model to allow flexibility for sealing both large and small items. Extra seal bar configurations are also available to meet your specific needs. This unit features 10 different program capabilities offering numerous settings to provide ultimate process control. It is the ideal machine to meet all your sterile packaging needs.

Additional Features of Vacuum Sealing

Aside from sterility, vacuum sealing offers many more benefits for packaging:

  • Product Integrity – when used with the appropriate bags, vacuum sealing protects against dust, damage, ultra violet and radio frequency contamination, electrostatic discharge, humidity oxidization, and corrosion.
  • Fast Processing – vacuum sealing is a very quick and efficient method of packaging components when you purchase the right machine.
  • Moisture Protection – vacuum sealing protects against condensation during storage and any accidental spills during handling.
  • Cushioned Options — you can control the vacuuming speed and final vacuum strength to much less than 100% which may damage the implanted parts. You can also consider gas injection to give it a cushion.

Improve Integrity with our Stainless Steel Sterile Packaging Machine

If you work on an aseptic team, in a dentist office, a surgical center, hospital or other clinic or laboratory and require protected storage of your sterile items, we can help with superior sterile packaging machines today. We specialize in the innovative design of vacuum sealing machines for the medical industry. Our vacuum sealing experts will find the perfect unit for your sterile packaging needs today! You can Request a Quote for our T-200EM here or  fill out our contact form to get more information about all our offerings.