Best Sterile Medical Device Packaging Equipment For Manufacturers

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What Is The Easiest and Most Cost Effective Packaging Solution For Medical Devices and Tools?

If you are in the market for sterile medical device packaging equipment, then you should consider investing in a fully automated vacuum sealer. These machines are operated hands free, which prevents contamination of medical tools and makes the packaging process much more affordable by reducing or eliminating labor costs associated with packaging. Additionally, vacuum sealed pouches provide unmatched protection against bacteria, moisture, and debris that could impact quality and safety. For these reasons and many more, automated vacuum sealers are an excellent choice for manufacturers looking for affordable sterile medical device packaging solutions.

Benefits of Using Automated Vacuum Sealers For Sterile Medical Device Packaging

  • Hands-Free – Automated vacuum sealing systems operate hands free which reduces contact with medical tools and devices, preventing contamination from germs and bacteria. This helps to ensure that products remain clean, sterile, and ready to use when opened.
  • Speed –   Fully automated packaging systems are much faster than manual packaging methods. AMAC Technologies’ automated vacuum sealers that are used for medical tools and devices can pack and seal 60 packages per minute.
  • Eliminates Human Error – Automated machines have sensors that detect if there is an issue with any portion of the feeding, opening, filling, or sealing of the pouch. This helps to eliminate human error and results in more consistent packaging.
  • Protective – Automated vacuum sealers create an air tight and sterile environment for medical tools and devices. This helps to prevent cross contamination and damage that can be caused by moisture, dust, debris, and other contaminants.
  • Cost-Effective – Automated vacuum sealers are the most affordable way to package sterile medical tools and devices. The machines can be operated hands free, allowing manufacturers to decrease or even eliminate labor costs. Automated packaging machines save time and money, resulting in an investment that pays for itself.

How Do You Find The Right Packaging Equipment For Your Products?

If you need help finding the best sterile medical device packaging equipment for your packaging process, contact AMAC Technologies. AMAC Technologies has been a leading provider of vacuum packaging equipment for over 40 years. Our vacuum packaging specialists will listen to your needs and concerns to recommend the best equipment for your applications, which is designed to save time and money while providing high quality packaging. Call today to get started!