Stand Up Pouch Packaging Machine For Hands-Free, Commercial Food Packaging

Posted by Chela Mancuso

How Can Stand Up Pouch Packaging Machines Benefit Food Manufacturers?

If you are looking for a way to package your food products more quickly, efficiently, and affordably, you should consider using an automatic stand-up pouch packaging machine. Stand-up pouch vacuum sealers are designed to operate hands-free, which limits contact with the food product and makes the packaging process faster and more affordable. Vacuum sealing also extends the shelf life of food products and prevents contamination from bacteria and other damaging elements that products may come in contact with during shipping and storage. AMAC Technologies’ automatic, stand up pouch packaging machine can pack and seal 60 pouches per minute with no need for manual intervention. This equipment allows manufacturers to increase production speeds and reduce labor costs.

Why Are Automated Packaging Machines Prefered By Manufacturers?

  • Affordability – When it comes to automated packaging machines, there are many reasons why manufacturers prefer them. First and foremost, automated machines greatly reduce or eliminate labor costs. This alone allows for the investment in automated machines to pay for themselves over time while increasing the speed and quality of packaging.
  • Speed – Automation is significantly faster than manual labor. A fully automated stand up pouch packaging machine from AMAC Technologies produces at a speed of 60 packages per minute, and this includes feeding, opening, filling, and sealing the pouches.
  • Product Protection – Automated machines limit contact with food products, which reduces the risk of contamination. These machines also create a tight seal that prevents oxygen and other contaminants from entering the package. All of this extends the shelf life of food products and helps to reduce waste.
  • Safety – In addition to being more affordable and efficient, automated stand-up pouch packaging machines are also much safer than manual options. This is because they reduce or eliminate the tedious, repetitive labor that can often lead to injuries in the workplace.
  • Consistency – Automated machines also produce consistent pouches, which helps to improve the effectiveness of packaging and customer satisfaction rates.

Where Can You Find The Right Packaging Machines For Your Products?

AMAC Technologies’ stand-up pouch vacuum sealers are reliable and easy to operate, making them the perfect solution for food manufacturers who are looking for a safe, efficient, and affordable way to package their products. AMAC Technologies has been a leading name in manufacturing equipment for over 40 years and their skilled team of vacuum packaging specialists has the knowledge to answer all your questions and help you find the right packaging equipment for your needs, that will take your packaging process to the next level. Contact AMAC Technologies Today to learn more about our stand up pouch packaging machine or request a quote.