Stand Up Pouch Filling Machine – Ease the Workload Behind Product Packaging

Posted by AMAC

Businesses continue to move toward using stand up pouches to package and distribute their products. This option provides several benefits over rigid packaging including generating less waste and practicing sustainability. Stand up pouches also improve shelf life, are perfect for special packing needs, and are easy to produce when using a stand up pouch filling machine.

Stand up pouch filling machines are a great choice when your business has made the switch to this packaging option. These machines can be purchased as a semi-automated or fully automated production solution. Fully automated equipment is designed to open the bag, fill it with product, and then seal it.

Stand up models can be used for a variety of products such as cereals, candy, pet food, and powders. Before choosing a model, it is important to know what type, style, and size of bag will be used to ensure that the selected equipment matches your packaging requirements.

Important Features to Evaluate When Buying a Stand Up Pouch Filling Machine

Consumers are partial to stand up pouches due to their ease-of-use, ability to maintain freshness, and smaller storage space. This demand increases the need for a faster packaging process. Stand up pouch filling machines achieve better throughput by automating this process. When looking for a model to match your needs, the following considerations will be pertinent:

  • Stainless Steel – Equipment made from stainless steel is easier to clean and does not rust.
  • Low Maintenance – The chosen model should be easy to maintain and not cut down on production time.
  • Easy to Operate – While automated equipment cuts down on manual processes, it still must be operated by one or more employees. The chosen model needs to be easy to learn and use.
  • Dependable Operation – Equipment should be highly rated and well designed to boost productivity.
  • Additional Options – Most stand up pouch filling machines offer a set of basic features; however, it is important to have the option of add-on features capable of improving this process within your facility.

Need More Information About A Stand Up Pouch Filling Machine?

So many aspects are important to consider when choosing equipment to package products. AMAC Technologies works with each customer to determine what model and features are best suited to their needs. If you have recently switched to stand up pouches or are looking to replace your current equipment, contact our team today to learn more!