What Does Smart Manufacturing Look Like?

Posted by AMAC

As technology continues to offer advanced manufacturing and business choices, companies are seeing new opportunities to improve their processes. The traditional methods of manufacturing are being replaced with advanced technology solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Smart manufacturing is a concept spanning over several technologies and solutions, which can provide exceptional benefits when paired correctly.

Automated Solutions

These advancements optimize the entire process for increased profits. To put these concepts into action, companies employ agile teams who have development, analytic, and IoT experience. These same companies are implementing use cases and using a scaled agile framework to get ahead. Technology makes it possible to move toward automated solutions based on consumer needs rather than lowering labor costs.

The New Smart Manufacturing Environment

Smart manufacturing consists of several trends that are changing the way businesses produce their products. On the forefront of these trends is the use of robots and AI in the workforce. By augmenting the workforce with robotics, the process becomes increasingly reliable. This change creates a growing need for educated individuals in areas such as STEM or engineering as well. Additional trends seen in companies moving toward smart manufacturing include:

  • Cloud Driven Solutions – API’s allow for more customization, which delivers greater control. End-users are able to use the cloud to customize robotics and achieve manufacturing Cloud robotics also offer the ability to control robots from anywhere in the world.
  • Service Driven Robotic Solutions – Robotics are now being offered as a service thus allowing them to be a viable option for smaller operations. Robotics-as-a-service or RaaS achieves the same goals at a lower cost to smaller manufacturers.
  • Use of 5G & MEC – Multi-access Edge Computing prevents cloud computing problems such as network congestion while limiting overall costs. At the same time 5G wireless connectivity will provide increased reliability and faster connectivity speeds to ensure workers remain informed.
  • Virtual Reality Modeling – Virtual reality has made it possible to model equipment and processes outside of the manufacturing This allows companies to anticipate problems before they happen on the production line.

To safely adopt these trends, companies are investing time and money into protecting their digital assets as well. These are just a few of the trends and concepts encapsulated in a smart manufacturing environment. Moving toward this type of manufacturing environment is a beneficial adjustment for any company.

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