What Is Small Footprint Packaging Machinery?

Posted by AMAC

Small footprint packaging machinery is compact manufacturing machinery, such as vacuum sealers, that are specifically designed to fit into smaller offices and facilities, making these machines the perfect packing solution when space is limited. If you have a business that packages goods like electronics, toys, clothes, or even food products, vacuum sealing is a great way to pack and seal your items in durable pouches or laminates to protect them during the shipping process. If you have a smaller facility or office that cannot fit a traditional, large scale, automated packaging system, a compact packaging machine may be exactly what you need.

AMAC Technologies is a supplier of cutting edge manufacturing machines, and produces a line of table top vacuum sealers that allow you to save space and money without sacrificing quality. Our tabletop vacuum sealing series includes 4 different machines that can easily fit in any office environment, on top of a desk or table, and come in various sizes to fit tight spaces. Our machines are compact, easy to use, and efficient, making them a necessity for any business that needs to package goods and save space.

Pros of Using AMAC Technologies’ Small Footprint Packaging Machinery

  • User Friendly – The tabletop vacuum sealers are incredibly easy to use with adjustable chamber heights, and up to 10 programmable, packaging presets to further expedite the process.
  • Clear Top Design – The Clear top design of the tabletop vacuum sealers allows you full control of the packaging process, as you can see each item being wrapped and sealed, allowing the ability to make adjustments as needed.
  • Cleanroom Equipped – For some vacuum sealing uses you may need cleanroom equipped heat sealers. The tabletop series has this heat sealing technology that allows you to process dry packaging for moisture barrier bags, moisture sensitive products in dry shield pouches, or ESD pouches.

Contact us today or browse our online catalog to learn more about small footprint packaging machinery. With AMAC Technologies you will find the packaging machinery that best suits your business.