Small Commercial Vacuum Sealers For Food, Grocery, and Restaurant Use

Posted by Chela Mancuso

How Can Small Commercial Vacuum Sealers Benefit The Food Industry?

In our modern world where efficiency and sanitation are paramount, small commercial vacuum sealers can be a game-changer for grocery stores and restaurants. AMAC Technologies, a leading provider of vacuum packaging equipment, offers compact and versatile solutions in their line of tabletop chamber vacuum sealers. These machines, with their small footprint, are ideal for tight spaces where floor space cannot be compromised.

Compact Design, Powerful Performance

AMAC’s small commercial vacuum sealers are compact, and designed to comfortably fit on countertops or seamlessly integrate into existing packaging lines. Despite their small size, they deliver a powerful performance, matching the capabilities of larger units.

Features and Capabilities

These vacuum sealers boast a range of features designed to extend product shelf life and maintain product integrity. The gas injection option allows for extra protection for fragile products and helps prevent discoloring of specific products. This feature works by injecting gas after vacuum packing and before the bag is sealed.

Another impressive feature is the sensor control technology. Instead of relying on the number of seconds, the end vacuum is set in percentages (0 to 99%). The vacuum pump draws air until the exact pre-set end vacuum is achieved, ensuring consistency regardless of volume.

The sealers’ trim off seal capability enables easy removal of the residual plastic bag, while the top and bottom seal bars ensure a secure vacuum seal. The 1-2 Trim off Seal, consisting of one 3.5 mm convex seal wire and one 1.1 mm round wire, guarantees an optimal sealing process.

Food Industry Applications of AMAC Technologies Small Commercial Vacuum Sealers

AMAC’s small commercial vacuum sealers play a crucial role in the food industry. Vacuum packaging is an effective means to extend the shelf life of food products and shield them from external elements. By removing air and subsequently oxygen, the growth of airborne microorganisms is hindered, resulting in food products that are less susceptible to spoilage. Vacuumed packages are tightly sealed, so there is no leakage, and their compact nature saves valuable space in the fridge and freezer. Many areas of the food industry can benefit from the use of a tabletop vacuum sealer, including:

  • Grocery Stores: AMAC’s small commercial vacuum sealers are routinely used in grocery stores to package a variety of items including meats, cheeses, and even produce. By vacuum sealing these items, the freshness of the product is preserved, and the shelf life is significantly extended.
  • Butcher Shops: In butcher shops, these vacuum sealers are used to pack a range of raw meats. Vacuum packaging prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, ensuring the meat stays fresh for longer periods. The compact nature of the vacuum-sealed packages also makes it easier for butchers to organize their products in display cases or refrigeration units.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants utilize AMAC’s small commercial vacuum sealers to store bulk food purchases, prepared meals, and pre-made foods for sale. This method not only extends the life of the food but also allows for efficient use of storage space. Vacuum sealing is also an essential part of sous-vide cooking, a popular cooking method in many high-end restaurants. Vacuum-packaged foods can be cooked at precise temperatures for extended periods, resulting in tender and perfectly cooked dishes.
  • Bakeries: Vacuum sealing is widely used in bakeries to preserve the freshness of baked goods such as bread, pastries, and cakes. By removing oxygen from the packaging, mold growth is inhibited, ensuring that these items can be stored for longer periods without compromising quality.

AMAC Technologies: Your Trusted Partner

With over 40 years of expertise, AMAC Technologies has evolved to be more than just a provider of vacuum packaging machines. We are a competent business partner, constantly in touch with our clients to understand their ever-changing needs. Our vast array of vacuum packing solutions serves a myriad of industries, and our extensive knowledge ensures that we provide the best packaging solutions for our clients, tailored to their applications and budgets. With AMAC Technologies, freshness, and quality are always within reach.

Benefits of working with AMAC Technologies include:

  • Experience: With over 40 years in the industry, AMAC Technologies has the experience and knowledge to provide top-tier vacuum packaging solutions.
  • Variety: AMAC offers an extensive range of machines and features to suit your specific needs, from compact tabletop models to robust, large-scale units.
  • Customer Focus: AMAC is committed to understanding and accommodating the ever-changing needs of its clients, tailoring solutions to match their applications and budgets.
  • Quality: AMAC’s vacuum sealers are designed and built to deliver superior performance, ensuring the freshness and quality of your products.
  • Innovation: AMAC is at the forefront of technological advancements in vacuum packaging, offering features like gas injection and sensor control technology.
  • Support: AMAC provides outstanding after-sales service and support, establishing a long-term partnership with its clients.

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