Best High-Speed Sleever Machine for Applying Custom Shrink Sleeves To Craft Beer Cans

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Did you know most consumer products that you see on the shelves at supermarkets and big box stores are packaged or labeled with the use of a shrink sleeve application machine? In the manufacturing industry, a can sleeving machine is known as a heat shrink labeling machine and has become one of the most popular machines in the wine, spirits, and beer industries in recent years due to its efficiency and affordability. AMAC Technologies is now offering a sleever machine, or shrink labeler, called the ALS-100. It is designed for applying shrink labels to cans, bottles, and jars and it is highly sought after in the craft beer and microbrewery industry because the machine is affordable, efficient, and has a small footprint, allowing it to fit in smaller commercial spaces, warehouses, and bottle shops.


For breweries and bottle shops, utilizing shrink labeling machines is ideal because they can quickly apply labels to numerous sizes and types of bottles. They also provide seamless changeover when they move from one product to the next in addition to not requiring additional employee bandwidth for hands-on packaging methods. Overall, using a can-sleeving machine is beneficial because of its affordability, and ease of use, and it allows businesses to maintain production speeds without taking away from regular employee duties to handle packaging.

If your craft or microbrewery or bottle shop is looking to find a can and bottle sleeving machine that is efficient and cost-effective, AMAC Technologies can help. With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, AMAC Technologies can provide cutting-edge and top-of-the-line equipment for any type of manufacturing need. 


AMAC Technologies is an industry leader in shrink labeling solutions led by expert John Yamasaki, AMAC Technologies has created an affordable and compact system that is perfect for craft and microbreweries, and bottle shops. The ALS-100 seamlessly applies labels to bottles, cans, glass canisters, tin, or aluminum, and a variety of container shapes. The containers can be round, oval, square, or even oblong and the ALS-100 can accommodate them. The ALS-100 can shrink sleeve labels up to 80 cans, bottles, or items per minute and is made out of stainless steel. Additionally, it has a small footprint so any manufacturers with smaller spaces can still utilize the ALS-100. 


While there are a variety of benefits to utilizing shrink sleeve labeling machines, some of the most noteworthy benefits include: 

  • Reliability: These machines are user friendly, and very reliable. Built with sturdy stainless steel, and equipped with touchscreen controls, these are ideal for any setting. 
  • Speed: With the ALS-100 specifically, 80 bottles, cans, or other items can be labeled in one minute. This takes back vital time from employees and frees them up to focus on other tasks besides tediously hand-packaging products. 
  • Cost-Efficiency: In addition, utilizing shrink labeling machines cut down on labor costs, and can either reduce or completely eliminate them. They also make the product packaging process more efficient. AMAC Technologies is happy to help when it comes to picking the right machinery for your budget and manufacturing needs. 
  • Versatile: The ASL-100 sleever machine seamlessly switches between products with no issues, and easily packages bottles, cans, or both! This is why shrink labeling machines have become a popular option within the spirits, wine, and beer industries over the last several years. 

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If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable, and efficient shrink labeling technology, contact AMAC Technologies today. Under the supervision of John Yamasaki, a pioneer in the shrink labeling industry, AMAC Technologies has over 40 years of experience and we work diligently to provide our customers with quality service and satisfaction.