Best Uses For A Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What is a shrink tunnel packaging machine used for? A shrink tunnel packaging machine can be used to pack a variety of consumer goods and provides many benefits to manufacturers. These packaging systems use heat to fit shrink sleeve labels and neck banding to products like food goods, beverages, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, medications, cleaning products, and so much more. Shrink tunnels can be used with shrink sleeve applicators as an efficient way to apply hands free packaging to your products and expedite the packaging process. If you are looking for an affordable shrink tunnel packaging machine that can help increase production speeds, making your packaging process fast and efficient, AMAC Technologies can help!

AMAC Technologies offers cutting edge shrink tunnel packaging machines as well as highly efficient shrink label applicators that can be used together to efficiently pack a variety of  different consumer goods for an affordable price. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machines & Shrink Labelers

  • Shrink Tunnel – AMAC Technologies offers state of the art, commercial shrink tunnels that use heat to effectively shrink wraps and shrink sleeves to fit a variety of different products including single, twin, and multipacks for bulk shipping. 
  • ASL-300 Shrink Labeler – If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to apply shrink labels to your product before using the shrink tunnel to heat and fit the sleeve, the ASL-300 is a great option. This shrink labeling system can automatically apply up to 300 shrink sleeves per minute. This system also features a strong stainless steel construction, powerful servo motors, touch screen controls, and cutting edge cantilever system to make changeovers easy. This machine is the most affordable, commercial shrink labeler of its class that has the ability to keep up with high demand.
  • Egret Series Shrink Labelers – The Egret labeler features the same robust construction and design as the ASL-300, as well as a compact footprint and the ability to produce at speeds of 60 units per minute, making it perfect for smaller facilities looking for an easy shrink labeling solution. Both the Egret and ASL-300 can be used with your heat shrink tunnel to make the packaging process fast and seamless. 

What To Learn More About Shrink Tunnels and Shrink Labelers?

If you would link more information about shrink tunnel packaging machines or shrink labeling systems, contact AMAC Technologies here!