Shrink Sleeve Labels For The Food Industry

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Shrink sleeve labels for the food industry are a necessary form of packaging. Shrink sleeve labels can be applied to a variety of different food and drink products, providing eye-catching branding and convenient packaging. Shrink sleeve labels have taken the food and drink industry by storm for several reasons. This form of packaging is easy to customize, affordable and easy to apply with the right machinery. If you are interested in shrink sleeve labels for the food industry and affordable heat shrink labeling technology, AMAC Technologies can help!

How are shrink sleeve labels for the food industry applied? Shrink sleeves and neck banding can be quickly and easily applied to food and drink products with a heat shrink labeler. AMAC Technologies’ ASL-300 heat shrink labeler and neck bander is the most affordable shrink labeler of its class and features a compact footprint design, making commercial grade packaging accessible to facilities of all sizes. The ASL-300 applies the shrink sleeve or neck band to the product and then uses heat to shrink the sleeve to fit. This machinery can be used for a wide variety of different products as well as twin and multipacks for bulk sale. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ ASL-300 

  • Speed – The ASL-300 can apply shrink sleeves and neck banding at speeds of 300 parts per minute. This makes packing fast and effortless with no need for manual packaging methods.
  • Variety – In addition to shrink sleeve labels for the food industry, this heat shrink labeler can also be used to pack shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, mouthwash, nutraceuticals, cleaning products, and so much more.  
  • Design –  The ASL-300 features a study stainless steel design, strong servo motors, user friendly controls, and innovative cantilever design to make packaging and change overs fast and seamless. 

Want To Learn More About Shrink Sleeve Labels For The Food Industry?

For more information about shrink sleeve labels for the food industry and heat shrink labeling equipment, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies and their team of packaging specialists are ready to help you take your packaging process to the next level!