Automated Shrink Sleeve Labeler For Jars

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What kind of shrink sleeve labeler is used for jars?

There are many consumer products that are packaged and sold in jars. This includes candles, baby food, honey, salsa, pickled vegetables, and even some cosmetic products. For products like these, both large-scale producers and independent brands choose to use shrink sleeve labelers to easily apply packaging to either individual products or multipacks of these items. But what is the best shrink sleeve labeler for jars? There are different lines of shrink labeling equipment, and while they function in the same manner,  choosing the right machinery for your business will depend on the size of your facility, what kind of demand you need to meet, and the type of products you are producing.

Whether you are an indie brand producing craft beer or locally made salsas, or a large manufacturer producing and packaging a variety of consumer products, we can all when deciding on the right packaging equipment to use the three most important factors to consider are cost, efficiency, and quality. That is why the go-to shrink labeling equipment in the manufacturing and packaging processes of all sizes is automated heat shrink labelers that can be used for a variety of products including jars, bottles, cans, and more. This style of machinery is fully automated and can perform at high speeds, with little to no manual intervention which keeps labor costs down. These versatile systems can also be used for multiple different products, with easy changeovers, so you don’t have to invest in multiple machines to package the different items you produce. And most importantly, the use of automated shrink sleeve labelers effortlessly provides high-quality, custom packaging to your products.

No matter what size your facility or business is, there is an effective shrink labeling system that can provide fast, affordable, high-quality packaging for your products, and AMAC Technologies can help you find the best fit for your needs, as they offer 3 different lines of automated shrink labelers including the ASL-100, ASL-300, and The Egrest Series. 

What should you know about these shrink sleeve labelers?

  • Output speed: Depending on the size of your business you may require high-speed shrink labelers that can keep up with high volume commercial output or a slightly smaller, more affordable system that is ideal for independent brands or craft beer breweries. AMAC Technologies offers different heat shrink labelers that range from small footprint systems that produce at speeds of 80 units per minute to full-scale commercial heat shrink lines that can package 300 units per minute. 
  • Size: These heat shrink labelers have small footprints to not take up too much floor space, making them accessible to stores, warehouses, and packaging facilities of all sizes.  
  • Applications: Heat shrink labelers can be used to quickly apply shrink sleeves to products like food, beverages, home decore items, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, children’s toys, candies, and personal care products like shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash and so much more. These systems can also be used to package dual packs, and multi-packs for bulk distribution, and apply tamper-evident neck banding. 

Want to learn more about shrink sleeve labelers for jars, cans, and bottles?

For more information about heat shrink labeling, contact AMAC Technologies! Our resident shrink labeling specialist, John Yamasaki has over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and packaging equipment industry, with vast knowledge of shrink labeling, and can answer all your questions. If you need help finding the right shrink labeling equipment for your business, call us today!